Mornings in my house

Hello.  Percy here.  I’ve got pictures of morning in my house.

Mummy cuddles us and gives us cucumber.  Then we come and run around on the kitchen floor.  She cleans our cages while we do that.  I run mostly with Oscar.  He lives next door.  Sometimes I stay and talk to Midge.  He lives upstairs.  He comes down after me.  Oscar always goes in then.  Oscar doesn’t like Midge.  Midge doesn’t like Oscar.  I don’t know whether Midge likes me or not.  He’s still not sure.  It’s very strange.  Oscar and Midge are birth brothers.  I don’t know why they don’t get on.

Here are some pictures of me and Oscar and me and Midge.  There are moving pictures as well.  I think Mummy’s still working on them.

Oscar’s favourite thing is climbing in the bag of cage waste.  It’s really smelly and has all our smells in it.  And poo and wee and leftovers.  Mummy gets him out of the bag.  He makes a mess.  Now he’s started to investigate the bucket too.  Mummy doesn’t mind him climbing in the bucket so much.  There’s not so much mess to be made when he pulls it over..

Please excuse the state of our floor.  Mummy sweeps it up when we’re all back on our cages.  Then we have breakfast.  Yummy!

3 thoughts on “Mornings in my house

  1. Percy, you are certainly busy in the morning! Oscar is naughty, but I figure you all have your days – sounds like you are all having fun! Loved you photos – you are all quite photogenic..

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad you’re getting along with O&M, even if they don’t get along with each other. Sigh … siblings.

    Thanks for the update, cutie pie. XOXO

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