Will Mummy ever finish my story?

You may know that Mummy writes proper stories about us that are made into books. There’s the Trilogy of the Princelings of the East, both on ebook and in paperback, and then Hugo’s story The Traveler in Black and White which is an eBook.  I’m in all of them of course, as Victor the barkeeper in the first one (I have a special chapter of my own when I rescue my dad) and in the second I also have a special chapter of my own (when I fight the pirates at Castle Wash).  In the third I don’t have a chapter but I turn up every now and then because I’m helping George with his strawberry juice product launch. Then in Hugo’s I’m at the inn as a very young person and I’m cuter than ever.

When she’d finished those,  Mummy started writing my story, called Victor’s Story, which she still hasn’t finished.  You can see how far she got with it if you look at the heading ‘Books’. Continue reading “Will Mummy ever finish my story?”


J is for Jemima’s books

The only J foodstuff I could find was Jerusalem Artichoke and I’ve never had that.  Mummy doesn’t grow it and when she has the tubers she keeps them all to herself.  I don’t even know whether we can eat them, or whether I’d like them.  So I thought of something else to talk about.  Jemima’s books.  Because they are Food For Thought!! Continue reading “J is for Jemima’s books”