R.I.P. Joshua

degu joshua 6th birthday

We send our thoughts to Auntie Tori, who is missing Joshua the degu today.

Joshua was one of our best friends, and we interviewed him here earlier this year. This picture is of Joshua on his sixth birthday, so we reckon he was nearly seven when he went over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday evening.

Run free, Joshua. The best degu friend anyone could have. We’ll miss you.

7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Joshua

  1. Hi Bertie.

    Yes. Joshua was going to be seven at the start of March. He got to a good age for a degu. We miss him though. Me especially, because he lived in the cage next to mine, and kept me company after Maizie went across the rainbow bridge way too young. I’m already missing chatting with Joshua through the cage bars, and watching TV with him.

    Anyway, thanks for doing this post. I think he would have liked that you did. I know he considered you guys to be great friends. He always told me about your posts every week.

    Squeak soon,
    Mollie the chinchilla

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    1. Thanks, Dawn. Yes, he was. We miss him. He was such a little guy, but he took up a lot of room in our hearts. He was so lovable even my Mam (who doesn’t generally take to rodents) had a soft spot for him.

      It’s got to be really hard on our chinchilla, Mollie. They’ve been there for each other since Mollie lost her companion, Maizie, at the start of the year. They used to talk through the bars of the cage. I hope she’ll be OK, since she’s now the last of our rodent gang.

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