We enjoyed the Coronation of King Charles

Hello, Locksley here.

We enjoyed the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on Saturday. There was lots of nice music and some good food, too.

Mummy put the red white and blue triangles out around the front of the house. It’s called bunting. She first got it for the Queen’s fiftieth anniversary, and put it up for the Diamond day and the Olympics at the Norfolk house, and now three times here, because of Victory day (the day Bertie died), and the Platinum day and now the Coronation for King Charles.

But it was ever so wet, and we couldn’t go out for a party like we did for Platinum day. Maybe it’s just as well, because Ludo is still no good with parties, and Pippin gets over-excited any time he sees me or Victor.

Instead Mummy decorated our cages with the party bunting. It looked great!

And while Mummy was watching her screen, a Certain Someone decided to bite the bunting and have a bit for his personal space.

I thought Mummy would be cross, but she said it didn’t really matter much, as there wouldn’t be another event like it in our lifetimes. Maybe not even in her lifetime, provided the King lives to a good age. He’s only four years older than her, so I suppose if there is another Coronation, she won’t bother with bunting. I asked her if she remembered the last Coronation, but she was in a pram at the time, not even one year old, she said.

Then yesterday afternoon Mummy took some cakes with her and went to visit the people in the next street. It was a sort of double-street party with the people behind our neighbours’ houses.

And we’ve been enjoying lots of grass in the garden, but mainly when Mummy goes and cuts it for us and brings it in. She’s managed to put the orange machine around it, but now it’s no-mow-May and it’s growing wilder for wildlife. She still wants us to mow it when it’s dry enough, though.

I hope you had a nice weekend.


Locksley xxxx

PS Ludo has broken his tooth again. He’s ignoring it, though.


5 thoughts on “We enjoyed the Coronation of King Charles

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you got to be a part of the coronation. My Mummy didn’t watch it or do a party.

    Sorry about Ludo’s tooth. Hope it keeps being OK for him to ignore and doesn’t cause him problems.


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  2. Locksley, you naughty boy! You decided to celebrate with your own bunting. When we got up, the coronation was already half over, but we watched some of it anyway. I did enjoy Louis, George, and Charlotte. Louis is a little like you – sort of naughty. His dance on the balcony was a good chuckle. Sorry about Ludo’s tooth but I trust it will grow back?


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