A new month. I wonder what will happen?

Hello, Ludo here.

It is the start of a new month. Mummy changed our beds this morning, and she’s got the washing on already. She wants to put more washing in the machine later. We have our beds changed every five days, so we are used to this. There’s always some washing hanging around on doors waiting to dry. Unless it’s nice out and it can go in the summerhouse, or even over the chairs.

It was nice on Saturday and we went out for a couple of hours. Well, I went in the covered run, and Locksley and Victor went in the open one, and Mummy sat nearby. Then I went in and Pippin came out in my place.

Mummy doesn’t seem to be very well. I worry about this. I have vague memories of a nice person who used to look after me, when I lived in the hutch in the shed. That wasn’t here. We live in our runs in the room next to Mummy’s sleeping room. But Mummy has been mostly in her sleeping room for the past four days. She says she was exhausted after the last book fair. And now she’s worked out that her meds have been making her ill.

That’s not right, surely?

But she did ask me yesterday to let her know if our metacam ever made us feel ill or faint, or dizzy, because that’s what happened to her. I wonder if that happened to my first Mummy? She came out and saw me a few times, looking very poorly, then she stopped coming. I never saw her after that. I hope that’s not going to happen again.

Mummy says she just has to get through a few uncomfortable days while her body gets used to not having her human-sort of metacam. But she still takes us out in the morning and gives us cuddles and cucumber and a run around. And breakfast. And then she goes back to bed and gets up an hour later to put Pippin back in his cage.

It’s all right. But I hope normal service is resumed soon, and Mummy feels better.

Till next time,



3 thoughts on “A new month. I wonder what will happen?

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Ludo – I do hope Mummy feels better soon – it’s worrying for you and for her. Take care and with thoughts …
    By the way – thank you for the recommendation about Louise Penny’s ‘Madness of Crowds’ -very interesting … cheers Hilary

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  2. I hope your Mum feels better soon, too. I can see that it is worrying. Sometimes the medicine that’s supposed to make you well can make you feel bad. You are lucky she is still taking such good care of you. Tell her to sleep – sleep is a good medicine.

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    I’m sorry your Mummy’s not feeling good. Sometimes my Mummy spends lots of time in the sleeping room too, especially if she had one of those days where she was gone for a long time. Hopefully after a few days your Mummy will be back to her usual self again like mine always is after those times when she spends days mostly in the sleeping room. Whatever happens though, I know your Mummy will make sure you have everything you need, and will take good care of you.


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