We’ve run out of green hay

Hello, Ludo here. This is my monthly update.

The most important news is that we ate the last of the green hay yesterday. This is the nice eating hay, called Timothy. There’s lots of ordinary hay left, so Mummy is not getting any more. Not until the next box delivery which is two weeks away. She says we have plenty of meadow hay and we can eat that.

No wonder I’m losing weight. I mean, is this what happens? You get starved of food then your favourite hay is rationed, and all because someone somewhere wants you to lose weight?

Well, I have lost weight, so I want my timothy hay back.

Mummy went out early this morning. She’s going to be out all day. And she’s going out tomorrow as well.

I think I should call the RSPCA, don’t you?

Locksley doesn’t think so but Victor’s all for it. I mean that poor boy is climbing up the grids wheeking for green hay.

Oh… what’s this Mummy’s left us?

Readigrass!! Yummmmmmmm.

Have a nice Easter,



4 thoughts on “We’ve run out of green hay

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Well, as long as she has something else tasty for you, I think you can skip the call to the RSPCA – for now anyhow. I was almost ready to agree with you about calling them though. I mean, what was she thinking letting your favourite food run out like that? Sure, you won’t starve if you only have the meadow hay, but still… Humans! They just don’t get it, do they? But since she does have another of your favourite things to eat available, I think we can let her off. Hope she realizes how close that was for her.


    P.S. Mummy says she’s sure you were exaggerating how terrible things were for you, because your Mummy takes great care of you. Like I said, humans just don’t understand, do they?

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