Spring is nearly here

Hello, Locksley here.

I can tell spring is nearly here. The days are getting longer, and sometimes when Mummy goes outside with our bucket, she leaves the door open. It’s not too cold, either.

There are also birds singing loudly in the morning. Mummy knows what they are, but I don’t.

And Mummy has started taking her books for a day out, too. I thinks she calls them gift fairs. I don’t think she gives them away, though.

Mummy’s been talking to people about doing things to her garden, because she can’t do them herself. There’s someone coming to pull the brambles out, and he asked if she wanted the grass cut. She said “no, the guinea pigs do that, very smoothly, too.”

I was so pleased when I heard that. She did say to Auntie Linda that she might need help setting the pens out, but Auntie Linda said she’d help. The grass looks like it’s getting quite long, so we ought to go out soon. Although Mummy usually brings in a little grass for us for a few days before we go out, so our tummies get used to it. So I suppose when she brings us in handsful of grass we can start getting excited.

But it does seem to rain often at present, and we can only go out if it’s dry underfoot.

Apparently it’s nearly the end of the snow season on television, too. That means there won’t be any sliding down and flying into the air after this coming weekend. We won’t mind. I expect Mummy will miss it, though there will probably be more horses for her to watch.

I think it’s Ludo’s turn next week, so till next time…


Locksley xxxx


2 thoughts on “Spring is nearly here

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Great your Mummy has people helping get things done in the garden, and ready for you to be able to go out there soon. And I don’t doubt you were proud when she said what a great job you guys do with the grass. I would have been too.

    My Mummy doesn’t know what all the birds are, but she does love to listen to them.


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  2. Things are looking up, Locksley. Spring is coming here too – the leaves are coming out but the weather can’t make up its mind. It’s either chilly and windy or very warm and raining. At least no tornadoes here. I knew you guys did a good job with the grass for you Mum.

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