Topsy turvy days

Hello, Locksley here.

Happy Easter! Spring has arrived! There are lots of yellow flowers out in the garden, and Mummy often brings us in dandelion leaves to eat.

But it’s been a very strange week because Mummy kept going out for the whole day, and not given us our cuddles and cucumber and run time in the morning. On Monday Auntie Mary came while she was just finishing getting ready, but we all hid except Victor, who said hello and asked her for cucumber. That was the day that Mummy seemed sad, like she got sad when Biggles died. They went for a journey to say goodbye to a friend. But when Mummy got back she changed out of her smart clothes and we had cuddles and cucumber and our run in the evening.

Then on Tuesday Mummy had to go out and catch a train to meet up with someone else. But when she got back she did cuddles and cucumber and our evening run again. Except something else had happened and she was upset about something that had happened with the builders outside. I don’t understand, but she thinks it will take time to sort out.

Then Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much normal, and then Friday we were topsy turvy again, because Mummy had a craft fair to take her books to. So we had evening cuddles again. I was beginning to enjoy this, especially as the nights are lighter. And Saturday was book fair again. We finished the meadow hay box that morning, well, Mummy put the last of it in our runs. I was a bit worried when there were noises at our back door during the day. But when Mummy got home she said the new hay was here. Hooray! And later Victor went down the hallway to the front door in the evening to help Mummy bring the groceries in when the man rang the doorbell. It was very exciting to hear our food bags rustling.

So we’re eating green hay again as well as new meadow hay and we’ve got plenty of veggies, too.

Oh, the other thing, Mummy has been cutting a handful for grass for each of us since Wednesday, every day. She says our tummies have to get used to eating fresh grass before we can go out on it. And then yesterday, about lunchtime, we each went out on the grass for a little while, only about half an hour, in the sunshine. I stayed under the tent much of the time. Ludo stayed in his tunnel all the time. But Victor said it was really nice out, although the ground is still a bit cold.

We may get another outing this week. It depends on whether it stays dry enough.

But the grass was yummy!

See you next time


Locksley xxxx


2 thoughts on “Topsy turvy days

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you have fresh grass and the good hay again. Sorry things happened to make your Mummy sad and your days all mixed up, but glad you enjoyed the evening snuggle time and got to go outside. Hope there will be lots more outside time for you soon.

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