Sorry I’m late!

Hello, Locksley here again.

Sorry I’m late. I couldn’t get to the computer because mummy was using it. She was using it all week. In the afternoons there were lots of horses running over the fences and she said it was very important. On Thursday she was yelling at her horse–that was called Stage Star and it won. She sometimes talked to the other horses too, the ones that were in championship races.

Then when she wasn’t watching horse racing she was watching ski jumping. There was lots and lots and lots of people sliding down the hill flying into the air. Earlier in the week they weren’t going very far but over the weekend they were going a huge distances, probably even even as far as from here to the main road which is a long walk away. Over 220 meters, the man said.

Bertie selfie watching skijumping
Picture of Bertie watching ski jumping with Mummy in 2019

This carried on all the way through to Sunday night. Then she wrote a story about chess. I don’t know anything more about it. But she forgot to give me any time to do my post and I was very upset about that. I think she knew I was upset about something but not about what.

Anyway this morning she went out after we’d had our cuddles and cucumber and a little run while she cleaned our cages out. Then she left Pippin running around on the floor and went out. So I managed to get my GPS working which is the guinea pig system and did the post from here, so I’m in the cage talking to the computer instead of typing.

Mummy has been talking to the computer too, although she finds it very difficult. The computer doesn’t understand her very well. I don’t know why the computer has a problem. She wondered if Artemis might ask his mummy what computer speaking software she uses so that my mummy can get a good one too.

Apart from listening to the ski jumping and racing we haven’t done anything this week. It’s been a bit warmer outside, enough to go out. Mummy says that it feels nice but it’s very wet and cold underfoot. But there’s lots of grass to eat, so if she can get the panels set up with her sore hands we should be able to go out in the not too distant future. Maybe even before the end of the month. That would be wonderful!

Locksley's leaves

She gave us some leaves from the garden the other day. Dandelions, spring greens, celeriac leaves, and lavender. That was yummy. More, please, mummy.

That’s all for now. I’m sorry it was late but nothing much happened anyway. You haven’t missed anything (and she’s back now).





2 thoughts on “Sorry I’m late!

  1. It’s good to hear from you, Locksley, even when there isn’t much going on. We are yelling at the TV because it’s basketball season here with lacrosse just starting – we have some favorite teams. Glad to hear you are getting some fresh greens!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    You know, sometimes it’s good if not much is happening, even if it makes it hard to know what to write about. Anyway, I’m glad you finally got to get a turn at the computer to do your post, and sorry it took me so long to come comment. Humans are terrible for forgetting to let us get a look-in at the computer sometimes. Mummy hasn’t let us have a turn to do a post on her blog for ages!

    Mummy says the thing she uses is called, “JAWS,” and it’s really good, but does cost lots of money. She thinks it’s worth it, but the dogs and I think she should spend the money on things that mean she uses the computer less rather than more. Maybe then we’d get to do posts more often. Tell your Mummy mine says to email her if she wants to ask questions about the talking software.


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