When will spring come?

Hello Locksley here again.

It’s been a very funny week. Sometimes it was cold and snowy and then yesterday it was almost sunny. It was almost like spring out, but there is a very cold wind, and we still have the heating on in our room. It’s been getting light very early in the morning and dark quite late in the afternoon which is nice because it means that we’re going to be going out on the grass soon.

I’m not sure how Mummy’s going to cope with putting us outside though. She’s having great difficulty picking us up in the mornings for our cuddles.

We all go into our tunnels to be picked up from our runs. Mummy uses both hands for that, then carries us on one arm. She says it’s all right with me because I’m quite light 1.2 kg. But Ludo weighs 1.5 kg and that difference makes it difficult for her to hold him on her arm. She says both her wrists are very weak but the right one is worse. We have to sit on her chest with her hand below us instead of how we normally sit. But we can get used to that. Some more quickly than others. The other thing is she takes a long time to clean us out in the morning especially when she’s changing the beds. But she does it slowly, and we are just running around on the floor and having a good time so it doesn’t really matter. And we all come into our tents to be picked up, and that works fine.

The other thing I’ve noticed is the veggies aren’t sliced neatly like they usually are. Cucumber comes a bit more chunky than usual. Carrots are either big or small bits. And we get a whole celery stick. I think she has trouble cutting things up. But they still taste good.

But when spring comes we won’t have to have so many veggies anyway, because we’ll be eating grass. And that’ll help as she won’t have to carry the haybox to us so often.

I’m looking forward to spring. As long as she can put our run panels out okay. The covered run has been out all winter. Maybe we’ll have to share it? I don’t think that will work. I get on better with Victor now, but I can’t see Ludo and Pippin sharing at all.

Maybe Mummy’s hands will be better by spring.


Locksley xxxx

PS Ludo broke his tooth again. Mummy says that quite often happens. It’ll grow again. Ludo seems happier without it.


2 thoughts on “When will spring come?

  1. This is sort of March weather, Locksley – we had temps in the high 70s for a week and yesterday it snowed (briefly!). I suspect your Mum has arthritis or rheumatism. It happens. Maybe a brace for her wrist or wrists would help with the holding a chopping? I have it too and it’s very uncomfortable when the weather is cold.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I hope your Mummy’s hands do get better before she needs to be taking you outside for grass time. I’m sure she’ll figure something out if they don’t though. And our weather has been jumping around too. It’s like it’s trying to do all the seasons in one day sometimes.

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