Hiding in the Hay

Hello. Locksley here.

I’ve been hiding in my hay again. I find it’s the best way to keep warm and comfortable. Mummy says it’s cold outside again, so that may be why.

She’s been putting an extra layer on when she is at the computer because of the ventilation from above our door. I wondered why she didn’t close the ventilator like she did before Christmas. She said it was because she got her red itchy spots then, and it’s probably to do with not enough ventilation in the room. She said it’s easier for us to wear more clothes or hide in the hay to keep warm than to fix her spots.

I suppose she’s right.

But now she has weak hands. I think she’s worried about them. But she’s gone to the human doctor this morning and hopefully she will make them better. It’s funny, she can pick us up just fine if we’re in our tunnels, but picking us up with one hand when we are in cuddle time is more difficult for her. Ludo said she nearly dropped him after he had his meds yesterday morning. But then Ludo is much heavier than the rest of us.

Ludo was supposed to have a bath yesterday before he goes to the vet again on Wednesday. But I think Mummy didn’t want to risk him getting cold, so she’s waiting for a better day. It’s have to be today or tomorrow, though.

I don’t think Ludo’s ever had a bath. I don’t think any of us have. I’ve had my grease gland done a few times, as have the others, but not a whole wash. Ludo might have had a bottom wash before though. I hope Mummy takes pictures if she does it.

Till next time

Locksley xxx


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