My teeth are perfect

Hello Ludo here.

Locksley asked me about how my teeth came to be perfect, and I said I’d better tell you myself.

Mummy checked my teeth most days last week, and on Friday she said the broken one was fully grown. They just needed tidying up.

She put me in a tight blue bag, and I sat on the cushion we usually get our meds on, looking all snug.

Then she asked me to open my mouth so she could rasp the lower ones. I didnt much like that, but when she came beside me, and put her hand over the top so she got her finger across my tongue behind my front teeth. That was quite comfortable, although I kept wiggling my tongue. She held me like that and rasped my teeth, and let me relax quite often, mostly when I had a tongue wiggle. But she frowned a bit and got her bone clippers out becuase the corners of my lower teeth weren’t going down. So she snipped the corners off, then rasped them so they weren’t sharp

And then I had beautiful front teeth!

But as she took me out of the blue bag, she asked me ‘What’s that?”

I didn’t know what she was talking about.

She turned me on my back and felt around my tummy, and got all the way down to my nipples. She said I had a little lump next to one of them, very small, about baby pea sized. So she phoned the vet and they could see me in the afternoon, so I went to see Dr Rebekah and her student. They both felt my lump, and Dr Rebekah wondered how Mummy had managed to find it, it was so small. Mummy said she put her finger on it when she held me.

After they discussed it a bit longer, they agreed I’d go back on Wednesday next week (not this week) to have it removed. I’ll have to have a snooze for that, but Mummy will wait while it’s done, just like she did with Locksley’s lump.

So I’m not going to the vet for my teeth, but for my lump. I showed my teeth to the vet anyway, and she admired them and said Mummy had done a good job. But I have to have a bath before I go back to the vet, because Mummy says my underneath is filthy. Oh dear.

I expect Locksley will be back next Monday.



4 thoughts on “My teeth are perfect

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Your mummy may remember when the late, great Saku had a couple of lumps. He had them removed, and he was no worse for the wear. You’ll do well at the vet, I’m sure.

    Your teeth look great! Mummy surely is an expert at dental care.


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