Update on Ludo’s tooth

Hello again, Locksley here.

The first thing is to update you on Ludo’s tooth. The big picture at the top is the same as last week – how it was on Friday of the week before.

Now, this is how it looked on Thursday… and Sunday (yesterday).

You can see how quickly it’s grown. It’s nearly level with his other tooth.

But Mummy says she needs to rasp his lower teeth level, because he has worn a notch between them with the one good tooth. That may in turn cause both the top teeth to be misshapen.

Ludo doesn’t want his teeth rasped. Mummy says the alternative is to go to the vet, have anaesthetic, and sleep through the vet doing it. It’ll cost her over £200. That’s nearly ten weeks hay. And some piggies don’t wake up from anaesthetic, especially older, overweight piggies (I think she made that bit up). And she’s not going to risk Ludo’s life for five minutes of ‘open wide and don’t move till I’ve finished.’

Ludo is sulking. I think she should just do it. I mean, we don’t want to do without hay for ten weeks.

Although we have just got new boxes from Haybox, and the hays are really yummy. We get two types, Meadow hay and Timothy hay. Timothy hay is all one type, and is mainly for eating. Meadow hay is a golden mass of all sorts of dry grasses, and it’s for eating, playing in and under, and lying on, and all sorts of things.

I’ll update you on the cost of hay and whether Ludo gives in over his tooth work next week.


Locksley xxxx


3 thoughts on “Update on Ludo’s tooth

  1. Locksley is exaggerating the cost of hay. The four of them currently get through about £7 (inc shipping) in hay a week. And then there’s nuggets, fresh veg, meds and treats. Sigh.
    Actually, thinking about it some more, that probably does mean they get through £200 in all food/consumables etc in ten weeks.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Ludo should definitely let your Mummy do it. Even without the cost considerations, it would be better if he could avoid a vet trip. I hope you can convince him of that.

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