Ludo lost a tooth

Hello, Ludo here.

I lost a tooth last week. Mummy noticed early on I was having trouble biting my vegetables and my arthuritis tablet. She checked my teeth a couple of times since the previous Saturday (she always checks them on Saturday, which is also weigh-day). On Thursday she said it was wobbly, and I must have broken it above the gum line. She wiggled it a bit, but that was most uncomfortable. I was very good at holding my mouth open for her to put her fingers on my teeth though. I didn’t bite her at all.

She told me it was wobbly and would probably come out overnight. How does she know these things? It disappeared in the night, and in the morning I looked like this!

Ludo’s tooth, 3rd Feb

She took this photo after she’d checked it with her larging glass. It’s a big square thing she looks through and it makes her look ever so large. There’s a light to make it easier to see what’s on my side, as well. She said it had snapped off level with the gum and I’d find it easier to eat now I didn’t have a wobbly tooth to get in the way.

She’s been cutting some of my food up into thin strips which are easier to get in my mouth and chew with the back teeth.

She said it would grow back quickly, and I’d have half a tooth inside a week.

Ludo’s teeth, 5th Feb

Well! Look at this, taken on Sunday, only two days after I lost it. It’s grown really fast. Mummy thinks I’ve probably worn down the other one as I wasn’t using the one that ended up breaking, so hopefully that’ll grow a bit too and I’ll have nice straight shiny teeth again.

That sounds nice, doesn’t it. More photos later this month!

Apart from me, everyone’s fine. Mummy’s got lots of creams for her red patches. I think Locksley mentioned that. Her hands look a lot better, but they smell different.

Till next time


PS Don’t worry about that round spot on Mummy’s finger. It’s nearly better.


2 thoughts on “Ludo lost a tooth

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Hope you’re managing to eat better now the tooth has broken off and regrown.
    And I’m glad your Mummy is doing better… Hope she continues to improve. My Mummy’s been having issues lately too, which is why I’ve not been in here much.

    Liked by 1 person

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