Pippin stayed out all day!

Hello, Locksley here again. Ludo and I agreed that he would do the first post each month, and I’d do the next three, but I’m sure this is my fourth post this month. Is January extra long or something?

Pippin stayed out all day yesterday. Only out in the house, not outside, where it is still cloudy and cool. Mummy says it’s not too bad, and it will be milder next week, but still thick sweater weather. I think that means she has to put one of her wooly coats on. It must be fun to have different coats to wear. I wonder what colours we’d choose, if we could do it? Hmm, I’ll do a survey.

Back to Pippin. He always stays out longer than the rest of us, but not usually this long. I’m sure you know by now that we have morning cuddles with Mummy, and some cucumber titbits, then we come back into our room for floor time. Actually, most of us get to start floor time by running up the hallway and through the blue tunnel into our room. There’s a vid of Ludo here…

It doesn’t seem to want to appear on our blog, but it’s here on Facebook if you want to see it.

Victor and Pippin go exploring after that. Victor joins me in the main room, then goes off on his own when he’s stopped annoying me. I prefer to stay in our room, although I have been known to explore the blue tunnel again. Mummy cleans our cages out and then takes Ludo for his cuddles, then puts him on the floor and puts me back in my run and Victor in his. Then she cleans out Ludo, and takes Pippin for his cuddle. Pippin is the sort who eats his cucumber and goes, so his cuddles never take long. I should point out that Mummy does things while Victor and I are out, and then again when Ludo is out, to make sure we have at least an hour’s free run.

And the same for Pippin, but because he’s last, he gets to run around until either he asks to come in, or Mummy needs to go out, or she just reckons it’s time. His breakfast will be waiting for him all that time. We usually finish our breakfast and have a morning nap before Pippin comes in.

But yesterday, I don’t know what happened. Maybe Pippin spent most of his time in the spare room, not walking around, so Mummy didn’t realise until after her lunch, which was in the middle of the ski jumping, and until after the ski jumping had finished, that Pippin was still out. That was over four hours he’d been out! Normally it would be fine because we’ve got a hay box on the floor, so there’s always something to eat in an emergency. But he’d been so quiet all that time, Mummy doesn’t know what he was up to, or what he’d been eating. He was happy to be united with his breakfast when he went back in his cage, anyway.

I don’t think he’s starving. He didn’t seem thirsty either. And Mummy had gone round watering the plants too.

Maybe Pippin is practising with his invisibility cloak?

Ludo will be here next week. Have a nice time,




3 thoughts on “Pippin stayed out all day!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I bet Pippin had quite an adventure in all that time he was free.
    I’d be interested to hear about the coat colours you guys would choose.


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