A cold week again and Mummy has red hands

Hello, Locksley here.

It’s been cold this week. It’s been all white outside, but not the type that covers everything thickly, which Mummy says is fun. Just the white stuff that stands out on everything and makes it look sort of pretty, but very slippery, and makes Mummy reluctant to go walking. She did go to her garden walk, but not the short walks around the streets.

Well, you get the idea of what our garden is like in winter

We’ve been plenty warm enough, although on Saturday night/Sunday morning it seemed colder than usual. When Mummy was doing our beds in the morning she looked at the numbers on her desk and said “Is that all?” Then she went into the hall and made things warmer. She’s clever like that.

She’s behaving a bit oddly, though. Her hands are all red as well as her neck and part of her face. Ludo says she’s taking different pills in the morning. Apparently she takes her medicines after she does Ludo’s feet. She usually takes her allergy pill and one for herbal things (like our fairy dust on our food). But he says she’s taking human Metacam too, which comes in white pills for them. I’m glad I don’t have to swallow pills. I suppose you don’t get to taste them, though, like we do with Metacam (which is tasty). Ludo has just about finished the other version of Metacam, which he says is fine but I think is horrid. Victor thinks it’s horrid too. So we are grateful to Ludo for finishing up the horrid medicine.

Neville liked his meds (we havent got a picture of us having ours)

Mummy’s wearing gloves when she does lots of our things, like giving us hay or cleaning our beds out. But she still strokes us by her bare hands which is nice. She wears gloves when she goes out to give the birds their food, and I don’t think that’s just because it’s cold. She’s very careful to pick us up in our tunnels, too. I think she’s worried about dropping us, and if she holds a tunnel at both ends and picks it up, she’s fine. We’re used to that, but I notice she’s being careful about picking things up, and holding things, too. But she hasn’t dropped anything I know of.

Nothing much else happened this week.

How is it with you?


Locksley xxxx


2 thoughts on “A cold week again and Mummy has red hands

  1. It’s been cold here, with rain off and on, Locksley. Our bird feeder is usually frozen in the morning. We throw hot water on it. Perhaps your Mum is allergic to something – I hope she gets to see a physician. I also don’t walk when there is ice – you guys are close to the ground so you could slip and slide, but two-leggeds have a long way to fall. Stay warm and snuggly.

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