Report on Pippin’s Party!

Hello, Locksley here again.

You remember last week we were looking forward to celebrating Pippin’s first birthday on 11th January. Auntie Zoe told us we had got it right, it was her who was confused. I’m so glad I’m not as confused as I was!

Anyway, Mummy made two birthday cakes and put them out in the special birthday run in the front room. I remember Biggles used to have his birthday party there. His birthday was in February. He only ever had one birthday cake. I think Mummy thought it would be good to have more cake around so people got distracted from arguing with each other. There were some carrot sticks as well. I don’t think Mummy’s strategy worked.

First off, Pippin went in to inspect his party area and get used to it. He liked the Happy Birthday sign and hid under the letters like Fred and George did in their day.

Then I joined him. I spent a long time just sitting, looking at one of the cakes, and wondering if Pippin was going to notice me.Then he did, and we did quite a lot of running around. Eventually Mummy noticed that I had enough running around, and she put my tent down for me to escape into, which I did. Pippin is very keen to get to know me better. Let’s give it a little longer.

Then Victor went down to join in the fun, and that didn’t last very long. They did a lot of merry-go-rounding, which is what Mummy calls it. They go round and round in a circle, sniffing each other’s grease glands. Or just chasing each other, I’m not sure which. Anyway, Mummy brought Victor back and took Ludo down.

Ludo sat and looked at the cake too, according to Mummy. And as soon as Pippin ran over to greet him, he growled, and Mummy decided he’d had enough.

So then Pippin had a little longer running around, and enjoying the new things to play with. He wants my fiddlesticks. Fortunately there’s no room for them in his cage. But I was happy to lend them for the party.

Then he came back and Mummy served us all cake. It’s tasty mushed up pellets with extra herbs and cucumber decoration, in case you wondered. And because she’d made two, we had second the next day, until it was all gone. It was exceptionally yummy.

Pippin is one year old!

And that is the report on Pippin’s birthday party 🙂


Locksley xxxx

PS We ignored the candles, which weren’t lit (apparently that’s what happens with candles). Mummy took them off to serve the cake.


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  1. Victoria Zigler

    Well, I’m glad the party went reasonably well, even if none of you were enthusiastic about spending time together for long. Seems like Pippin definitely enjoyed his party anyhow. And the cake sounds yummy. Happy belated birthday, Pippin.


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