A happy new year from all of us

Hello, Ludo here.

I’m here to welcome you to 2023 on George’s Guinea Pig World.

Apparently one of the human’s new year traditions (apart from making horrible noises in the middle of the night) is to make a resolution to do something or other all year. Mummy has decided to take a walk every day. Mostly she’ll do it after she’s given us breakfast, and before she makes her own coffee and settles at the computer.

I approve of this resolution. I have been taking more exercise recently, and I feel generally better, more able to run around like the others do. I think this will help Mummy be more active too.

Then she asked me what my resolution was.

So I decided to ask the others what they were doing. This involved a lengthy explanation to each of them, and I still think Pippin hasn’t got any idea of what I’m talking about.

But still:

Locksley: I think my resolution is to take my medicine without complaint whenever Mummy gives me any.

I found this a bit strange, since I always take my medicine when I’m given it. Apparently Locksley sometimes complains and tries to wriggle out of it.

Victor: My resolution is to let Mummy pick me up whenever she wants to.

Hmm. He’s always been a little shy of being picked up, even though he comes up and asks for a head scratch. But these last few days he’s been going into his tunnel to be picked up. Is this a new resolution?

Pippin: My resolution is not to leaves poops where Mummy can’t find them.

Hmm. How do we know he’s doing that if nobody knows where they are… or are not? Still…

So that’s our resolutions for 2023. What are you doing?

Ludo xxx


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  1. hilarymb

    Hi Jemima and crew … excellent to see your New Year Resolutions – yes I must get out and walk more … so I’ll be joining Mummy from afar … Happy New Year – cheers Hilary

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