Wet grass, Dry grass

Hello, Locksley here again.

We haven’t been outside this week. We haven’t been outside for a while, even though up to a few days ago it’s been lovely and sunny. Mummy goes out in her bright yellow coat to do things she calls ‘gardening’. I thought that meant growing veggies for us, but apparently it also means taking out spiky plants and coming indoors with blood all over her face. She was wearing her thick leather gauntlets, but apparently it scratched her forehead. She put a spot of fabric on it, so the cut must have been very small. She also pulled out the bean plants and gave us the last of the nice leaves on it. They were yummy.

We’ve all been well this week. I think part of this is due to Mummy discovering a bag of something called Readigrass in the summer house. She said it didn’t smell old to her, what did we think?

Well, I think our general opinion is that it’s okay, nice for a change, but its not quite as nice as we’d heard. We would of course rather have fresh grass, and Mummy does bring us in a handful from time to time, and it lasts about a minute. Two if you’re Ludo. The grass she’s picked is usually pretty wet, but like it’s just been rained on, so that’s nice. It’s definitely fresh.

This weekend it rained a lot. I mean A LOT. It was hammering down on the roof, and Mummy looked out to see if everything was okay outside, no trees blown down or anything, and there was a big flash of lightning and some thunder after too. We kept having these little thunderstorms, very loud, but a couple of flashes and a couple of rumbles and they move on. Then the sun came out for a while. Then the thunder came back.

It stopped Mummy going for her walks on Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday she went orienteering. The rain stopped just before she left. Then it was bright sunshine until she came back, and then it started thundering again about an hour later. She said she was very lucky and had a nice time.

We also have hay of course, not just grass. Although the timothy hay has run out (in only three weeks, Mummy said) and the meadow hay (which is yummy and soft with it), is running out this week. She’s expecting the HayBox to deliver this week. I hope they do before we starve.

Apparently, we get through more than twice the amount of hay we usually do when we are indoors all day and not out on the grass. Well, Mummy. When are we going out on the grass again?

Not until spring, apparently. That’s months away. We’ve got winter to get through first. Well, let’s hope the hay arrives on time, then.

Hope you’re fine

Locksley xxxx

PS We don’t mind thunderstorms now. Anything but builders next door is fine.


3 thoughts on “Wet grass, Dry grass

  1. I trust the builders have finished making all that noise! And I am sad that you can’t go outside anymore for fresh grass. Any possibility that your Mum could grow it inside. People here do that for putting greens for practicing their golf!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you have plenty of hay to eat when you can’t get out to the grass. And that’s nice of your Mummy to sometimes bring some fresh grass in for you. I’m also glad the rain didn’t do anything to damage things, and that your Mummy’s cut wasn’t a really bad one.


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