Fairy dust on our food

Hello, Locksley here again.

Mummy sprinkles fairy dust on our food every morning.

I thought you’d like to know that.

It all started earlier this year, when Dr Rebekah said Ludo had sissisis, and should have this powder sprinkled on his food. Ludo had very dark wee, and he said it sort of hurt him when he peed, and mostly it was uncomfortable all the time. I didn’t know that before. He’d never said anything. I think he’d been uncomfortable for so long he’d forgotten what comfortable was. “If I ever was.” he said.

So anyway, Mummy mentioned this dark wee to Dr Rebekah one time, I think I’d gone to see her for something, my lump or something like that. And she knew it was ssissisis because the blood dries inside and comes out black. Anyway Mummy brought this fairy dust, called Nutracys, and sprinkled it on Ludo’s breakfast, and it works like magic. Most of the time. He does have the darker wee sometimes, but then it clears up again with the fairy dust. He’s so much happier! Mummy gave it to me for a couple of weeks, too, because I had dark wee, and it went away again.

NutraCys on the left, NutraCalm on the right. One capsule does all four of us for one day.

And then when we were all getting very unhappy with the builder noise, Dr Rebekah produced another sort of fairy dust, Nutracalm, which we all had to have. It’s okay, sort of a bit gritty, but then it sort of melts into a pleasant flavour and things don’t seem so bad.

After we went on holiday for a week, Mummy stopped giving us all the calming fairy dust, because we were all so relaxed after our holiday.

But last Monday there were lots of fireworks going off around our way. Mummy was very cross, saying ‘what are they doing setting off fireworks today?’ And then she discovered it was something called Diwali, and said ‘oh, that’s all right then.’ And it was only one day, so we didn’t mind.

This weekend the firework season started, though. The official local firework display was on Saturday night, but didn’t start till quite late, and was quite a long way away. So we weren’t too worried about it. And anyway, we’d had our our fairy dust that morning. We had it yesterday and this morning too. Mummy says some people might have fireworks for Halloween, and they’ll definitely be doing them on all sorts of days leading up to Bonfire Night, because people are silly that way. So from now till November 5th, or a few days afterwards, we’re all having fairy dust. And Ludo gets his sissisis fairy dust too.

But frankly, after the builders, fireworks are nothing.

I think Ludo might blog next week.

See you soon

Locksley xxxx

2 thoughts on “Fairy dust on our food

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad the fairy dust is helping you all.

    They did some fireworks here a couple of weeks ago… Mummy still doesn’t actually know why. We haven’t had any the past few days though, but Mummy says that might change on the weekend. I won’t need the fairy dust though, because I just ignore them. The dogs mostly do too, and when they don’t ignore them Mummy can calm them down by singing to them. We like when Mummy sings to us.


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