Locksley’s poorly eye

Hello Locksley here again.

It was a good week, but some time on Thursday night I was hiding under my hay as usual and a bit got stuck under my eyelid, and across the eye. I couldn’t get it out, but when Mummy picked me up in the morning she soon sorted it out. It was a bit sore though. I shut my eye when I snuggled down in Mummy’s arm, which surprised her, ‘cos I usually keep them open, just in case.

Anyway, I buzzed around as usual on Friday, and everyone else buzzed around too, except Ludo, but especially Pippin. If I said he was a bit quieter last week, a bit more grown up, I was wrong. He’s back to his normal squeak and run mode, although he does still stay long enough at the side of the cage for Mummy to give him a stroke and an ear rub. Mmmm, ear rubs.

Mummy has taken all the runs in from the grass, so no more grass time this year. Actually, the big run with the top that Pippin uses stays out all year. And last Sunday, when Mummy stepped into the runs to check if the grass was too wet for us to go out (it was) she fell over it and scraped all the skin off her leg. The run was bent, too, but not bleeding. So Mummy’s had a big long fabric thing stuck on the front of her leg most of the week, although we couldn’t see it once she had her day clothes on. It’s just a long red-brown streak now. She says it’s mending fine.

My eye wasn’t mending though. It was funny, I could see fine out of my left eye, but the other side was going all misty, like when Mummy has the thin curtain over the window. And when I turned round, it wasn’t the room, so it must have been my eye.

On Saturday Mummy looked at it and said I had to go the the doctor. And luckily, Dr Rebekah was on duty, and could see us at midday, so we went to see her.

You can see it’s a little cloudy at the top. This was Saturday (after three drops), so it’s improving

She was happy to see me, and see how well I was looking. She gave my new hair a good rub, and that felt lovely. And Mummy told her about everyone else, and the builders have gone quiet, and we’ve all recovered from the stress, and my eye. So Dr R looked at it, then she touched it with a magic wand*, and put the lights out. Just, me, Dr R and Mummy in the room in the dark. If they hadn’t had hold of me, I’d have been scared. And Dr R shone a light on my eye and showed Mummy a green spot up in the back corner. “That’s a little ulcer,” she said. “It probably happened when the hay poked it.”

And she put a drop of liquid in my eye, which made it feel wet and sort of soothed. And now Mummy’s putting the drops in, twice a day, morning and evening. She says it’s looking better already, but I have to have them for five days, to make sure it’s all healed.

So that’s all about my eye, and Mummy’s leg (no photos), and no more grass time till next year.

And no more from me till next week.


Locksley xxx

*Mummy says to say the magic wand had a chemical on it, which meant it showed up the damaged area when the special light shone on it.


5 thoughts on “Locksley’s poorly eye

  1. Alma

    Thanks for sharing your story Locksley I hope your eye and your mummy’s knee gets better soon. My boy Trevor is recovering from a cyst at the moment. So fingers crossed you all are tip top soon.

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  2. Well, it’s been a busy and not so nice week, although it ended well, Locksley. I am glad your eye is better and your Mun’s leg is healing. I did a face plant on the sidewalk two weeks ago and went around looking like a raccoon with the bruising for a while.

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad that your eye and Mummy’s leg are healing.

    I laughed when I read that everyone “buzzed around.” I always chuckle at that buzzing sound that you piggies make. The late, great Mariusz buzzed at everything and everyone. I guess we weren’t properly acknowledging his alpha-pig status. Sigh …

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  4. Victoria Zigler

    I’m sorry about your eye, Locksley, but glad the drops are helping it. Hope it’s completely better soon.

    I’m also glad Pippin is back to his usual self. I’m sure it was quieter while he was out of sorts, but I expect you’re all glad he’s recovered from whatever he did to himself when he fell.


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  5. Mummy here. Pleased to report that Locksley’s eye looks completely normal now. He’s supposed to have drops for five days, which takes us to the end of Wednesday, so he’ll get them anyway. He’s happy having them, so they must help.


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