Pippin gives us a scare

Hello, Locksley here.

It’s been a quiet week, except for Thursday night into Friday. Yet that was quieter than normal, because Pippin gave us a scare, especially Mummy.

None of us really know what happened, and Pippin doesn’t know what we’re talking about.

What we do know is that when Mummy came in to give us our night time hay, she put the box on the floor, and noticed Pippin crawling through the blue tunnel beside it.

Well, we knew Pippin was out of his cage, but none of us saw him leave. I didn’t hear anything, although maybe when he and Victor were having a wheek-in and it stopped suddenly, maybe that was when it happened. Did he overbalance and fall out? Did he jump out? Did something else happen? Mummy wondered whether he’d had a fit, because she’d seen that before, so she said, when Victor the first had one when he was having his cuddle time one year. Victor the second isn’t giving us any clues.

Pippin looks
Pippin’s usual position

But anyway, Pippin was down on the floor, and didn’t seem to know what he was doing or how he had got there. In fact, he didn’t seem to know who he was.

Mummy got him into his tent, and took him through to the kitchen to check him over. He didn’t appear to have any injury, but seemed dazed, and wasn’t moving normally, although everything was working properly, if you see what I mean. Mummy gave him some Metacam and took him through for a cuddle, and she said he burrowed into her elbow to hide as usual, which was a good sign. It was the only ‘normal’ thing he did that night.

In the morning he was still very quiet. He was sitting out in the open in his cage. Normally he dashes around like a mad thing, and then snoozes under the shelf. He didn’t seem to want to go under the shelf at all. Mummy wonders if something frightened him, like a spider or something, although there was no sign of one.

Mummy phoned the vet, but neither of our Doctors were available, so she spoke to the nurse, who gave her some advice. He was drinking, and eating hay, although he didn’t appear to know what breakfast was for. ‘As long as he’s eating, drinking and pooing, he should be okay, but call back if he isn’t.’ Well, he was pooing, but otherwise was very quiet.

About lunchtime (so about twelve hours later), he seemed a bit more lively. He let Mummy stroke him in his cage, and even came to look over the edge like normal, and let her stroke him there.

Mummy thinks he must have knocked his head and suffered concussion. She’s had concussion, apparently, so she understands the confusion.

But the thing is, he’s changed. He’s not the carefree young pig any more, although he seems content and happy enough. It’s like he’s grown up overnight. He’s not running around in the same way as he did, He’s just like the rest of us now.

It makes it quieter and more restful, but I kind of miss his nutty ways. He’s much easier for Mummy to handle, which is good too. And she’s taken the shelf out so he has no scary places in his cage.

Let’s hope nothing else happens this week.


Locksley xxxx

PS Mummy says that his cage is not as high as the ones Hugo and Humphrey jumped out of. They were both fine. But it’s still a long way down to the floor. And he might have collided with something if he came out at angle.


3 thoughts on “Pippin gives us a scare

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Poor Pippin. Hope being quieter than normal is the only side effect of his unplanned adventure, and nothing like that happens again.


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  2. Poor Pippen. It will take some time to recover from a concussion (I have experience), but it sounds like he got to the top of his cage and fell out, landing on his head. Quite a shock for the little guy. Hopefully, he will be fine in a few days. Thanks for the news, Locksley.

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