Mummy’s acting strangely again

Hello, Locksley here.

We’ve had a nice week here, going out in the garden several times. Victor and Pippin love being out on the grass, they run around the whole time and eat it. Ludo and I are more sedate in our runs, but we still come out for some grass when we feel like it.

Mummy’s been out a lot. I don’t know what she’s up to. She goes out at odd times, then comes back and spends the rest of the day in the front room. She’s also been cleaning and vacuuming a lot. She moved the hay box into our room, and it’s taking up space on the floor.

Then yesterday she went out all day. I mean ALL day. She did our cuddles and cucumber really early in the morning, then she went out. Then she came back and left Auntie Rebecca with us and went out again for hours. Auntie Rebecca came and chatted to us. She’s very nice. But she talks funny. I didn’t understand too much of what she said but she has a nice voice. When Mummy came back Uncle James looked in on us and said hello, and looked out of the windows.

Then they all went out and didn’t come back for AGES. But then when she came back she put us out on the grass and she and Auntie Rebecca sat with us and chatted for a long time, till it was time to go in.

Apparently this is where she went

Then they chatted in the front room until Mummy came to give us our cucumber. Mummy went out to feed the hedgehogs and came back to show Auntie Rebecca one that had climbed into the summerhouse and was trying to get into the packet of mealworms. Mummy put their usual food out for them, and since the hedgehog stayed still, she put her gardening gloves on and lifted it outside. She said its prickles were still sharp, and next time she’d use her leather gauntlets.

She took photos of three hedgehogs at the feed she put out a couple of nights ago. Maybe we’ve got some we can show you.

But Mummy’s still acting strangely. She’s going out again today. And tomorrow, apparently. I expect Ludo will update you next week.

Hope nothing is strange where you are.

Locksley xxxx

4 thoughts on “Mummy’s acting strangely again

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Locksley – I’m sure it’ll be good news, more treats perhaps, new things in the house – at least it’s warm and you can be outside. Those hedgehogs are excellent to read about – good for Mummy for looking after them, and you … cheers enjoy the week – Hilary

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  2. Those hedgehogs are kinda cute, Locksley. I think your Mum went to a picnic and a visit with friends. It’s summer, so you have to expect she’ll be getting out more. But you guys are well cared for, so never worry.

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    I think humans act strange all the time, and figure as long as they make sure we’re cared for properly it’s best not to try and make sense of it. It is curious though… Wouldn’t it be nice to have as many adventures as humans seem to have? Anyway, enjoy your time outside, and whatever time you get with your Mummy when she isn’t being strange and going out a lot.


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  4. Carol gilbert

    Thanks for checking in. Glad your getting some out door time. Bear here in Ohio is getting out on the days not so hot. He misses Bella. But the wrens sing to him. Better keep an eye on momma🥰

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