It’s been hot. Then not.

Greetings, Ludo here.

There’s nothing much to talk about today, except the weather. It started the week with us going out occasionally when it wasn’t too sunny.

I like going out on the grass, and all the wildflowers in it. Some of them are rather yummy. Some of them are just okay. But grass is best. Mummy brings grass for breakfast from another part of the garden. That’s is even yummier, but this will do.

Then it got hot, and Mummy kept the curtains drawn till late in the morning, when the sun stops shining in on us. She says it’s to reduce the solar gain. I think she knows what she means. Some days we’d then have the door open again, but on Thursday and Friday she kept the door closed and had the big white post blowing air around, which was nice. The room felt warm when it wasn’t blowing, but very pleasant when it was.

What was surprising: we didn’t go out until the sun was really low, and the whole of our grass was in shadow. It was still hot out, but pleasantly so, and we could tell it had been much hotter during the day. Then Saturday and Sunday it went cool again. We didn’t go out on Saturday. Sunday we went out mid-afternoon and came back in at tea-time. Mummy had a long sleeve jacket on so she thought it was on the cool side. She was also wearing trousers that didn’t show her knees. I think sometimes we can guess how hot it is by what Mummy’s wearing. I remember Roscoe muttering something about that, but I just thought it was stupid. I see what he meant now.

I’ve decided that Pippin is an amusing little tyke. He rumbles at me a lot, but he’s very inquisitive, and usually chats to me if we’re in the garden. Mummy took some pictures of us.

Till next time,


3 thoughts on “It’s been hot. Then not.

  1. Victoria Zigler

    It got rather hot here too at one point. Personally I loved it, because I think hot is great. Mummy, on the other hand, wasn’t so happy about it and was glad it only stayed that way for a couple of days. I saw her using the white posts too. She used to have them set up for Mollie as well. But I don’t need them, because I’m a Mediterranean tortoise, which means unless it gets too extreme temperatures (which it rarely does in the UK) I’m perfectly fine with hot weather. I’m always glad of my heat lamp on cold days though.

    Glad you and Pippin are getting along OK. Hope you continue to become good friends.


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  2. Nice to see you enjoying summer and all the goodies it brings to eat. Our weather has been up and down, too, although mostly hot with an occasional bearable day scattered in. No chilly temperature though. You guys would not be going out much if you were here!


  3. hilarymb

    Hi Ludo – it sure has been hot – but I’m glad you’re being looked after by Mummy in these changeable weather days … take care – cheers Hilary


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