T is for Timothy Hay #A2ZChallenge22

Good day. Ludo here.

Today we have reached the letter T in the alphabet. We are guinea pigs, and we are doing the A to Z Challenge. Thank you to everyone who has visited, and to everyone visiting for the first time.

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Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is my favourite hay. It is delicious to eat, although not as good as meadow hay to snuggle in. Biggles burrows in it anyway.

He gets all his hay in a big pile in the middle of his run. Whenever Mummy puts it in he pushes at the pile, and delves into the bottom of it, pushing his nose out the other end at the top. Mummy laughs at him.

I treat my Timothy hay with the respect it deserves. Mummy puts it in my hay rack for me. Sometimes I stand up on my back legs to get the best bits, but Mummy read something recently about this being bad for us, so she’s put the rack lower. I don’t think it makes a difference to me. I quite like stretching for the top bits.

Mummy usually serves us timothy hay, which she calls ‘green hay’, once or twice a day, and meadow hay in the middle. Meadow hay is a mix of grasses, some soft ones, some firmer. Most of the Timothy hay is quite hard, and even the dry blades are crisp and nutty. Yummy, in fact.

I think we are due new boxes of hay today. Mummy gets one big box of each, meadow and Timothy. She gets them from Haybox. Sometimes we run out and she gets them from our Pets Corner shop near the supermarket. We can tell when she does that, because the hay is cut much shorter , even though the bag says it’s ‘long cut’.

This is the Haybox picture of Timothy v Meadow hay so you can see the difference. Usually the Meadow hay is yellow, or beige though.

Do you eat hay? If not, do you buy it for your people that do?

Ludo xxx

12 thoughts on “T is for Timothy Hay #A2ZChallenge22

    1. Garfield is a cat, isn’t he, Auntie Noelle? I’ve heard cats eat funny things. Maybe they wouldn’t be so scary if they ate hay?
      And I’m sure you’d like it if you tried it. Although Mummy doesn’t eat hay. She occasionally chews on a grass stalk, though, so Biggles says.


  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    I’ve had to try out different types of hay for my horses. Everyone says Teff is the best, but my girls find it too hard and icky compared to the grass in their grazing pasture. They do like Eragrotis, which is a softer type of hay which is also in the Teff family, but it looks more green in the bale. And they only eat this in the cold months, as they have enough grass growing in the pasture the rest of the year. They also like stretching for the tastiest bits of hay 🙂

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: T


      1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

        I think it might be a bit long and hard for tiny, cute creatures like you 🙂 Besides, I buy them in big bales like you’d see on a farm as my girls eat their weight in grass and hay in a day — and they weigh as much as a car.


  2. Our piggies would hold out to get orchard grass, over Timothy. I worked at a farm store, and we’d wrap small bales of Timothy for sale. I’d sweep up the mess and bring the “Floor Hay” home! Orchard grass is sweeter, probably why they liked it better. Softer too. I know most people do not know piggies should have hay all the time, not just now and again. I LOVE the smell of Timothy!


  3. Auntie Dawn

    My boys love timothy hay!

    When he was a baby, Digby ate more hay than I’ve ever seen any pig, young or old, eat. I asked his big brother Atticus incredulously, “Do you see this? Do you see how much this little hay monster is eating?”

    Atticus said that hay was good for him and that I should let him eat as much as he wanted so he’d grow big and strong.

    Digby also liked to burrow in the hay, and he liked to stand there while I dumped hay on him. I miss that weirdo. ❤


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