U is for Up-up-up #A2ZChallenge22

Hello, Ludo here. I’m a guinea pig, which you probably know already, and we are doing the A to Z Challenge with Our Favourite Things.

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U is a very challenging letter. Nobody could think of anything, until Mummy said ‘Up, up, up’ to me at the end of our cuddle time.

We’ve already told you about cuddles. They are definitely favourite. And Up-up-up means the end of cuddle time and the start of our morning run.

Why does Mummy say it?

It’s to let me know it’s time for me to jump up from the red towel onto her chest so she can lift me up easily. Then she stands up and moves towards the door, and puts me on the floor there so I can run all the way into our room at the back of the house. I enjoy doing that. (Mummy’s found a video of Neville and Roscoe doing it).

I also like jumping up onto Mummy’s chest. It makes me feel good, like I’ve trained her to give me proper commands, instead of just lifting me up when she feels like.

Biggles: Mummy does that with me, too. I think I trained her first.

Whatever, Biggles. It’s a good thing for U, isn’t it?

Biggles: Um, okay.

Locksley: Mummy doesn’t say that to me.

(Sigh). She probably will in time.

So that’s our U for today: Up-up-up – Mummy’s signal for the start of morning run time.

Do you have any routines before your run time? Any commands you’ve taught your mummy?

Ludo xxx

Neville and Roscoe showing how it’s done… the hall run

10 thoughts on “U is for Up-up-up #A2ZChallenge22

  1. Victoria Zigler

    When I’m ready for my run time, I get Mummy’s attention by nudging myself against the glass of my vivarium so it makes a noise. It always gets her attention, and makes her say she’s glad it’s safety glass. Then I’ll pull my front end up and put my front feet on her hand to show her I want to be picked up. I do the hand thing to tell her I’ve had enough of bath time too.

    ~Artemis the tortoise

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    1. I never realised that tortoises could talk. And go for runs. But I suppose… why not? I apologise for doubting you, Mr Artemis. The hand trick is a good one. I think Biggles uses that a lot. I’ll work on it. Hand signals. Hmm.


      1. Victoria Zigler

        Tortoises aren’t very good at vocalizing – if I try real hard I can do a tiny squeak, but it’s so hard for me to do I only do it when I’m really upset. We can signal what we want if we feel like making the effort though.

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    1. Mummy has decided she’s going to do the A to Z next year, using yours and Damyanti’s dieas about books she has read… or plans to. I think we can probably teach her a bit about the A to Z now.

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  2. Ludo, you guys have a lot of fun and running is good for you! Garfield runs a lot – up and down the hall and into the front room, then a big U turn where he scrunches up the rug and back down the hall again. He liked our other house better where we had longer halls and stairs!

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    1. Yes, Biggles said he preferred the run time in the old house which had a huge kitchen, even if it did have a step in it. I think it would be quite fun to have a step in it. Then again, I’m not sure Biggles could manage a step at present. He’s okay on flat ground, but not very well otherwise.

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    When I want to know whether the weird feathery non-pigs, aka the Satanic Conures, will step up on my finger, I ask, “Do you want to do up-ups?”

    I have to read their body language carefully, because more often than not they’ll bite my finger! I call them Satanic for a reason. Sigh …

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