N is for Neville #AtoZChallenge2022

Hello, Locksley here. My favourite N is Neville. I want to talk about him, even though the others say he’s not a favourite thing.

#AtoZChallenge 2022 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter


Neville was here when I arrived with Ludo. He lived with Roscoe, the big white chap with the scary eyepatch. Roscoe was very nice, but he ignored me most of the time.

Neville never ignored me. I could sidle up to him and say hello. He would say hello back and let me do whatever he was doing. Biggles got fed up with me and told me off for always being with him. Neville never did that.

I had to move out of Ludo’s cage. First I moved into the run with the other three, because they’d been living together for a couple of months. That didn’t work. I was too excited.

Mummy said she didn’t know Biggles had a bad heart then. It must have made him feel ill. I tired him out. But she didn’t know till about six weeks later.

Neville was patient with me though.

After Roscoe died, Mummy put me into Neville’s cage. She wanted me to keep him from being lonely. He was sad, because he’d been with Roscoe all his life. He told me tales of far-away lands and the adventures he’d had with Roscoe. It sounded exciting. Roscoe and Neville both talked funny. You can tell from Roscoe’s posts on this blog. Neville said they were Geordies. I don’t know what that meant.

I used to cuddle up to Neville and show him how much I cared about him. I think it helped. Roscoe used to cuddle him too. Neville told me I could trust Mummy, too. He showed me how to go to where I wanted to be picked up and to wait for her there, every time. He was right. She does this all the time now. Neville said she’s easy to train.

One day Neville started acting funny, and scared me. Mummy saw him and picked him up. She told me later that he’d gone to sleep in her arms. He’d gone over the rainbow bridge to join Roscoe. I’m glad it was peaceful. But I wish he’d stayed with me.

I’m on my own now. Although Ludo is next door, and Biggles is the other side.

Do you have someone like Neville in your life?

Locksley xxx

10 thoughts on “N is for Neville #AtoZChallenge2022

    1. Biggles

      Oh, Locksley is a big handful, Auntie Ronel. But reading this makes me wonder if he’s just trying too hard. He’s very irritating, but only because he’s young. I’m sorry he misses Neville so much. I do too.

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      1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

        My Stiles is a bit of handful, too, and it’s also because he’s young and still a bit insecure after he’s been rescued. Maybe that’s what Locksley is about, too.

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  1. Victoria Zigler

    Neville was special. Mollie used to tell me about his posts. She was special too. I think most people have someone special in their lives they miss, or will miss when they go over the rainbow bridge.



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