I is for Ivermectin #A2ZChallenge22

Hello again, Biggles here. I asked the others who’d like to talk about their favourite thing beginning with I for today’s challenge post, but they didn’t have one. Lucky them. I have…

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Ivermectin is a medication which kills skin insects and their eggs. Now I bet that’s put you off reading my post today, but, really, it makes me so happy that it exists, and it works.

For some reason I get mites really easily. I don’t think I pick them up in the garden, I think they’re just there. I might have been born with them. Some piggies are – I heard Auntie Doris talking to Mummy about it once. These are the invisible mites, ones you can only see under a microspope. Mummy checks us over every week to make sure we’re fit and well. (Did you spot the insect called a tick underneath my eye in yesterday’s photo? – Mummy saw that when she took the photo, she doesn’t usually show it to people!)

And it can happen that two pigs who live together, even litter mates, with one clear of mites and the other a double helping, if you like. Mummy says it happened to Dougall, Dylan’s brother. He was a bit sickly when he was born and the mites probably set in then and didn’t want to leave. He had a course of injections when he was less than six months old, and it got rid of them.

I always seem to be itchy and sore, but I didn’t usually show it until Mummy got itchy on her hands, too. Then she realised and gave me stuff behind my ears called ‘Spot On’. That’s a dose of ivermectin that works through the skin into my body and kills the mites. She has to do it several times to get rid of them.

Ivermectin Spot On

You can’t see when I’ve had Spot On because of my thick wiry coat. But Roscoe looked terrible when he’d been done – look at the mess behind his ears!

This winter Dr Rebekah noticed I had them again, and she’s been giving me the course of injections. I’m feeling much better. But I don’t think the mites have completely gone away yet. I wonder if Mummy realises?

Ivermectin is just one of the medications I’m on. I might tell you about the others, but it might be boring. But I like medications, because they make me feel great!

Do you have any medications? How do you feel about them?



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7 thoughts on “I is for Ivermectin #A2ZChallenge22

  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    To talk about all the meds I’m on will take a blog post!

    My chickens, though, struggled with mites last year despite ivermectin, so I decided to go all-natural with them: I make a tea with crushed garlic, add a cup to a litre of water with a couple of drops of lavender and spray them with it until the mites are gone and then spray them once a week for maintenance. I also give them garlic in their veggies. (It doesn’t make their eggs taste like garlic, despite urban legend). I also add diatomaceous earth to wood ash and leave it in their run to take dust baths in. No more mites!


    1. That sounds interesting, Auntie Ronel, except garlic is supposed to be poisonous for us piggies. I told Mummy I wouldn’t eat it, but she said “what about when you’re grooming your hair?” and I suppose she has a point. I’ll find out if she can bathe me in that long word earth.

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  2. I am very glad there is something that can help you feel better, Biggles.
    My kitties’ fur looks all scraggly behind their heads when they have spot on de-flea stuff. I’m lucky, I don’t have to take medicine regularly, but my husband has to have inhalers for his asthma. He’s had them since he was very young, so he can use them without having to think about it these days.
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  3. I am glad there is a medicine for your mites, Biggles. I would not like to see you get sick. I don’t get mites but I have to be careful when I walk in the woods because of ticks. I’ve gotten good at removing them when I find one but they are crafty – you have to look carefully. Stay well and you do look handsome!

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    1. You have to look carefully for ticks, which is hard in my hair, but they usually attach on our faces, which is easy for Mummy to see and remove. We’ve only had them since we moved here. They might be in the grass round the veggie patches which we’re not so fond of. Or the hedgehog might bring them.


  4. Victoria Zigler

    Hi Biggles. This is Artemis the tortoise. I’m going to come post on here now. Mummy and I talked about it, and we thought it would be a good idea.

    Anyway, I have to have a special vitamin powder on my food every day. The Lilie dog has lots of stuff. She has to have medication for a different kind of skin issue to mites and fleas, and drops because the skin thing gives her ear trouble. She also now sometimes has Metocam (I think that’s how to spell it, but Mummy can’t look at Lilie’s stuff right now, so we’ll have to guess) which is because she has bad back legs. Also, both the Lilie and Logan dogs have things that are so they don’t have fleas and things, and so they don’t have worms. And Mummy has to have special inhalers for her asthma. I think that’s everything.



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