H is for Holidays – and Herbs #A2ZChallenge22

Hello, I’m Biggles. If you missed any of our posts for the A to Z Challenge last week, you can scroll back and see them. We’re talking about our Favourite Things. Today we couldn’t decide whether to do Holidays or Herbs. So, I’m doing Holidays, but we’re going to do ‘Herbs of the Days’, and I have to go back and add some to last week’s posts: Basil, Chervil and Dill.

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Some years Mummy takes us away on a holiday with her. We go to a cottage somewhere, usually a few hours away in her car.

So far I’ve been to Hampshire and Derbyshire.

We went to the Hampshire cottage three or four times, but on the last visit Mummy spent her whole time out looking for a new house, which is where we live now. Sometimes I think the cottage we stayed in was the best place, because it was a lovely room, with lovely grass outside, and very quiet. And Mummy saw all her family and friends and Dani and Teresa came to see us.

In Derbyshire, Mummy went out a lot and told us about all the lovely things she’d seen when she got back. But it was too cold for us to go out and sample the grass there. It was a very long way. It wasn’t so far on the way back. Mummy said the traffic was awful, and we’re not going that far again.

That means we can’t go to Scotland, which was where George went, with Fred, Victor and Hugo. I was hoping we might go there, because it’s the legendary Isle of Mull, which features in Mummy’s books. The whole of Messenger Misadventures is set there. That stars Dylan and Dougall, and it’s really good.

But we are going to an island of our own some day, because there is a cottage on the Isle of Wight that Mummy wanted to book. Then when she went back to book it she couldn’t. It was full till next year. We’re going to another one in the next county, Dorset, in May. That’s only ninety minutes away at most. And there’s lots of grass, so it should be lovely.

Come back at the end of May when I’ll tell you all about it.

Do you go somewhere on holiday? What’s your favourite place to go?




Most of the herbs are our Favourite things. So we’re going to name a herb of the day most days.

Herb of the Day: Hyssop. Mummy says she’s never tried it, so neither have we.

8 thoughts on “H is for Holidays – and Herbs #A2ZChallenge22

  1. What lovely holiday spots. If we go on any holiday this year, it will be to Utah to see our granddaughter. Or maybe to Maine, where my books are set. Mull looks fantastic. I always like a view of the ocean. I haven’t a clue about hyssop.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’ve never been on holiday, but I did move house two times. One time wasn’t too bad, because it only took a short time, because we just moved downstairs in the same building. But the other time I was in my carrier in the car for hours and hours, because we moved all the way from Hastings to Wales. I don’t want to do that again. I think I’d rather just stay home.

    Oh, and me and Mummy haven’t tried hyssop either. If you do, let us know what it’s like.

    Squeak soon,

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    1. Mummy here. We’re all very sad to hear of Mollie’s passing on Monday. She was one of our most devoted correspondents, and we’ll miss her.
      Run and climb free, over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Mollie. ❤

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  3. I do hope you have a lovely time on holiday in Dorset, Biggles.
    My husband and I haven’t been on holiday for ages, the last time was to The Lake District before all the lock down times – we would like to go back. When I was much younger my family used to go to Minehead in Somerset every year, which was lovely. We used to stay in a cottage too, with a lovely little garden.
    Tasha’s Thinkings: YouTube – What They Don’t Tell You (and free fiction)

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