G is for Grass #AtoZChallenge22

Hello Biggles here. (what? you want a turn? Okay then.)

Hello Locksley here. I’m the assistant blogger. Today is letter G.

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Grass is my favourite thing ever. I love grass. I love running around on the grass, and eating it, and chasing my uncles when I’m out on it.

I like eating it most when Mummy cuts some and brings it in for us in the morning. Or the afternoon. I mean, it’s good to eat any time. But when you don’t even have to bite it off, that’s even easier.

(What else can I say, Biggles?)

(Shall I take over?)

(Yes, please)

The main reason why grass that Mummy brings in is even better is because it’s from a different part of the garden. It’s nicer grass. It makes great hay, too. The grass at the top, where we run, is finer than the grass at the bottom of the slope, where the water gathers. The grass down there is proper meadow grass.

Mummy told us last month she was sowing meadow grass seed at the top, so we could have it there too. She also sowed something with edible flowers in it for us. We won’t know how it tastes for another couple of months, so come back in the summer and find out.

Do you have grass in your garden? Is it nice and springy and juicy?


Biggles (and Locksley!) Yes, and Locksley. xxx

8 thoughts on “G is for Grass #AtoZChallenge22

  1. Thanks, you two! We have sod around our house – brown in the winter and green in the summer. It’s still brown. But we have a meadow next to our house full of buttercups when the weather gets really warm – I think you’d love it!

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    1. Mummy digs all the buttercups up, Auntie Noelle. She says they’re bad for us. We have other butter coloured flowers though. The main ones in our grass are called bird’s-foot trefoil. They’re okay.


  2. We have grass in our garden and my girls love it. They’re cats and they eat it occasionally too – it helps make sure they don’t have hairballs. I hope the meadow grass grows really well for you all and the edible flowers turn out to be delicious. I had edible flowers at a restaurant once, they were very nice.
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  3. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    I like the idea of meadow grass!
    My dogs, chickens and horses all love eating grass (though I think the dogs do it more to aid digestion than because they really like it).

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: G


  4. Victoria Zigler

    We don’t have grass in our garden. It’s very sad. Mummy says at least that means she doesn’t have to get anyone to mow it, and the dogs won’t get muddy every time they go in the yard. I’m with her on the muddy dogs thing, but I’m sure I could keep the grass trimmed nicely if we had any. And I wish we did. Hay is nice though. I always get plenty of that.

    Squeak soon,


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