F is for Fennel #A2ZChallenge22

Mmmm, fennel. Oh, sorry, Biggles here. It’s our A to Z Challenge and we’ve got to F. We’re talking about our favourite things, mostly.

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Fennel is a delicious tasting plant, or vegetable. Apparently humans use the seeds in their cooking, too, but we don’t need our food cooked. We eat it when it’s nice and crunchy and fresh.

Most of the winter we get bits of the swollen stem, or bulb, of the vegetable. Since Mummy loves it too, most of the time we get the bits she trims off when she’s cooking it. That’s the stalky bits (which sometimes have mini-leaves), and the base, and sometimes the outside layer, too (although that can be a bit tough). If she’s got too much, she’ll give us a full slice, or if it’s small, she’ll cut it up between us. That’s my favourite.

In spring we might get what she calls ‘thinnings’, when she has to take out some small plants to let the others grow bigger. In the summer we often get long stalks of the plant, with leaves on, too. Mummy says it’s not supposed to be like that, but she doesn’t manage to make it grow so it produces the bulb bit. Some of them are more bulbous than others. Then again, if they are more bulbous, she probably keeps them to herself.

Hmm. Should Mummy keep some of the fennel to herself? What do you think?


Biggles xxx

10 thoughts on “F is for Fennel #A2ZChallenge22

  1. I think she should have some for all the hard work she puts in growing it. I can’t say anything about fennel because I’m wondering if I’ve ever eaten any. Might have to try it! Good job, Biggles.

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  2. Frewin55

    I love Fennel too – in salads, cooked In caramel as a dessert – but I have also put the flower/seed heads in gin along with dill and angelica stems plus sugar, to make a herbal liqeur – strictly not for guinea pigs….

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  3. Oh, I had no idea you piggies liked fennel! I know ours liked parsley (and before I grew it we’d take the sprig off the plates at restaurants for the rabbits, I think it was just for looks). I have bronze fennel. I just like it for looks. It’s not the kind my native swallowtails lay eggs on, but it’s still pretty in the garden. You Mum should be allowed a little, after all, she grows it! Don’t be piggies!


  4. Victoria Zigler

    I’ve never had any, but it sounds tasty. I think the only time Mummy has used it is with the dried seeds in cooking. I should make her get some fresh so I can share. Oh, and I think it’s OK that your Mummy keeps some of the fennel for herself, as long as she lets you have your share.

    Squeak soon,


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