E is for Early Morning #A2ZChallenge 22

Hello, my name is Ludo. I’m your host today on George’s Guinea Pig World. You can read more about George here. We are doing the A to Z Challenge on the theme of Favourite Things.

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Early Morning

There are many favourite times of day: grass time, cucumber time, run time…

One of my very favourites is Early Morning.

Sometimes Mummy puts curtains across our big window-doors in the evening. That’s good when the nights are long and cold. But around now she starts leaving the curtains open all night. That’s really nice as I can see when the night finishes and the day begins.

Our room faces the dawn. And my run has a bit where I can sit and look out of the window at the sky changing and the sun coming up. Our room is higher than the roof of the house beyond the garden, so there are trees in the distance. The sun comes up through them, or over them now the leaves are joining together.

I like the way the colour changes in the sky, and the noises the birds make.

And I like the way Mummy comes in and says good morning, and checks we’re all fine. Then she disappears for a good long while until it gets to cucumber and cuddles time. I think she listens to the music she plays in the morning. Well, she plays it all day, but I think she relaxes and listens to it in the early morning.

And then she starts giving us cuddles and cucumber (followed by our morning run). The peace of the early morning is shattered.

What time of day do you like best?

Bye bye


9 thoughts on “E is for Early Morning #A2ZChallenge 22

  1. I like dawn but for me, sunset is the best. A time to relax and put my feet up and watch the sunset colors. Ludo, you are one cute guy. Your colors remind me of our first cat, who was black and white and much loved.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I can see why it’s your favourite time.

    My favourite time is after the sun goes to bed in the evening, because it gets dark, and also the dogs start wanting to play and bark less, so I can enjoy the peace and quiet. I’m nocturnal, so I’m not a big fan of it being too bright, and if you spent long enough with our dogs you’d know why I’m glad when they settle down for the evening.

    Squeak soon,

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