D is for Dandelion #A2ZChallenge2022

Hello, Biggles here. I’d like to introduce you to Locksley, who is our youngest resident, and this will be his first post on George’s Guinea Pig World. Please be gentle with him.

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Dandelion is a plant. It has green leaves and a yellow flower.

It is an important food plant for bees and other insects. In spring. And all year.

It’s also jolly yummy for us.

I look for dandelion when we are out on the grass. Neville taught me what it is. Roscoe tried to keep it all for himself. They aren’t here now. This year I may get all the dandelion to myself.

Except when Mummy picks it and gives it to each of us for breakfast.

Or as a treat.

I like eating the flower stalk. It is hollow inside and sort of crunchy. I’m not sure if I should eat the flower. It seems a shame. If I leave the flower, Mummy picks it up and gives it to Biggles. He eats it up.

Mummy gives us the leaves, too. She gives us what she calls ‘garden leaves’ for breakfast. And other times.

The leaves are yummy.

And that is what I have to say about dandelion.

Do you like dandelion? Does it grow where you live?

Locksley (age 19 months)

That was very good, Locksley. Well done. Mummy’s found some videos she’s put on our YouTube page; one is George eating a dandelion, and the other is of me (Biggles) and Bertie, age 2 months, eating dandelion leaves for our breakfast. We’re still living with Percy!

10 thoughts on “D is for Dandelion #A2ZChallenge2022

  1. Those videos are adorable! I love how piggies eat! The spring rains have made my dandelions huge, and I say to myself, “Oh, if only there were piggies to eat them.” I planted PINK dandelions from seed the other day! I can hardly wait to see them flower.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    That was an excellent first post, Locksley. Well done!

    And, yes, I love dandelion. So does Artemis the tortoise. The dogs don’t, but that’s OK because it means more for us.

    Squeak soon,


  3. hilarymb

    Hi Biggles and Locksley – Locksley you write well, so I guess your position in the posting letters will be much appreciated. Dandelions have so many uses – we use their leaves to stop the sting from stinging nettles should we inadvertently get ‘bitten’ … equally there’s dandelion drinks now-a-days – personally not my favourite … though I did have dandelion greens in Ireland years ago … they were fine. Enjoy Easter weekend – Hilary


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