Sunshine and Grass

Good afternoon (or morning). Ludo here.

It’s been a lovely week. We enjoyed it a lot. It was sunny outside and after a day or so, Mummy put us out in our runs for a short while. I liked that I had a shade across the top of my run, so I could be in the sun or not as I chose. I mainly chose sun, because it felt nice, even though it was bright. The wind was cold.

I think the others mainly chose sun, too. Although they ate a lot of the grass under the see-through shade, which goes halfway across the shady part. I hope Mummy has a picture to show you what I mean. She sits beside us when we’re out so she knows how warm it is. She reads something called a book.

We didn’t stay out long, although it seemed longer each time. I don’t know if it was. I mean, it might just have been getting used to it. The sun goes behind the house too soon, though, and it became cold in my run, so I went into my cosy tunnel. Mummy generally took us in soon after that.

We even went out for a very short time on Saturday, when Mummy had given us each a tiny cuddle and run, before she went out for the day. It was still light when she came back, and we had a tiny time on the grass before it got too cold. Then yesterday we were out for quite a long time.

Mummy was watching her people sliding down hills again this weekend, but apparently it’s finished for the rest of the year. Until November, anyway. I’m sure she’ll find something else to keep her busy.

The grass is very tasty. I think I should tell you that. There’s nothing better than grass, in my opinion.

It’s going to be colder this week, and we won’t be going out till spring is here to stay. It’s just playing with us at present, Mummy says. That’s what happens at the start of spring. I suppose it just bounces up and down, you know, springlike.

Ludo xxx

PS We start the A to Z Challenge at the end of this week. Whichever day is April 1st. Friday, Mummy says. Please come and support us through that. We’re still stuck for favourite things for some of the letters.

Starts Friday

3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Grass

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like a great week. Yes, I suppose if it was to play Spring would bounce up and down. That would make sense.

    Lilie’s using her leg better. It’s not back to how it was, but Mummy says it probably won’t ever be. At least she can play and run some now, and doesn’t yelp and whine whenever she tries.

    Squeak soon,

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    It’s been the same here, Ludo: the temperatures have been bouncing up and down. I hope spring comes to stay soon.

    Is she going to play that game with the ball and stick? I think it’s called “golf.” That’ll keep her very busy.



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