Happy Birthday, Biggles!

Hello. Ludo here.

It’s Biggles’ birthday today. He is five years old.

He is the only one here who has a real birthday. We don’t know when I or Locksley were born. Mummy estimates Locksley’s was 12th August, but she is just guessing the month I was born. She thinks it was April. I have no idea. I don’t even know what season it was. Spring will do, though.

Today we are going to have a birthday party.

I am very worried about this. We had a party last year and I don’t remember much about it. I have memories of terror and being on the floor in a different room. That’s all I remember about it.

Biggles says it was great fun, but I went and hid in the snugglesack and wouldn’t come out, and Locksley joined me, because he did everything I did then.

Biggles’ 4th birthday

I think that’s why Mummy’s been putting me on the floor in the front room the last few days, then putting my garden tunnel in the long hallway so I know how to come out of the room. Then I can run up beside the wall , across the doorway and into the usual tunnel to get back to our room, where we run around in the morning.

And yesterday, in the afternoon, she took Biggles through to the front room, and then came back for me! She had us sitting side by side while she talked to us, and told us we could be friends really. Biggles sniffed my face a lot, and licked my ear, which felt very funny. I sniffed him a bit too. Then she brought us back to our own runs.

Biggles says hello yesterday

What does it all mean? Am I going to this birthday party and do I have to be nice to everyone? Or only Biggles? Locksley didn’t go out yesterday to sit on Mummy’s lap. But then he’s used to running around with Biggles.

Apparently there’s going to be cake. It’s yummy and tastes of thyme and pellets.

Maybe it’ll be all right.

I hope so, anyway.

Biggles will probably tell you all about it next week.



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