My latest visit to Dr Rebekah

Hello, Biggles here again.

I went back to see Dr Rebekah on Wednesday. She seemed very pleased with me. Mummy had said about giving me Metacam along with my other meds, since my cheek seemed to be painful. Dr Rebekah agreed. So now I have three meds in the evening, and three in the morning.

Mummy’s been putting some yellow powder on my lettuce in the mornings. It’s supposed to help my bladder stones. I don’t really like it, but it’s okay with lettuce. On Saturday we ran out of lettuce, and only had spinach and chicory. Later Mummy went out and came home with some. It was very nice.

And Dr Rebekah stuck a needle in me again. If the mites don’t go this time I can have another needle in three weeks. I hope they go this time.

See you next time, love

Biggles xxx

4 thoughts on “My latest visit to Dr Rebekah

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad your meds seem to be helping, and the lettuce helps that yellow stuff be edible. Hope you don’t have to have another needle next time you go. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Carol gilbert

    Dear Biggles please get better soon I know your working on it! Springs around the Corner here in the northern part of the states big snow storm coming to Midwest. Bear and Bella are snuggled in.take care and all your buddies.

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