She’s very forgetful at present

Hello, Biggles here again.

You know I don’t complain. Well, not much. But Mummy seems very forgetful at present.

She also keeps going out and not coming back till after dark. I think she goes out in her car, and that seems to be the problem. If she goes out in her car, she comes back in the dark. Unless it’s Friday lunchtime, and then she comes back after her walk, which is good.

Tuesday she went out straight after she finished giving us our cuddles and breakfast. Well, nearly straight after. She spent a long time in the small room near the front door, where we occasionally have our baths in a very small sink. Then she spent quite a long time changing her coat to ones we hardly ever see. Then she went out and we didn’t see her again till it was dark. She said she had a nice time with her friends.

Then Wednesday she suddenly said “Oh, I’ve got to do the helpline.”

When she does the helpline she sits in front of her computer like normal, although she wears her headphones so we can’t hear what’s going on (probably a good thing.) Then she starts talking to someone, and asks them questions, and spends time looking in the air or out of the window, which she does when she’s thinking, and then she tells them things and sometimes waves her hands around. And she did that till it got dark, although there were long periods when she was just quiet and doing something she could stop in a hurry.

Then Thursday she went to the gardens for her walk, instead of Friday. When she came home she put boxes into her car till it got dark, and gave me my meds at cucumber time so she could go to bed early. Then on Friday she got up very early, gave me my meds, gave us our breakfast, and went out. She didn’t come back for ages and ages, and she was very tired when she did. She gave me my meds early and went to bed again. Saturday and Sunday she stayed in, but she woke up late both days, and nearly forgot to give me my evening meds.

At least she’s got something that reminds her to change our beds on the right day. But then yesterday she said ‘Oh I forgot to go to the art club’ when it was getting dark.

So, there you have it. Even she knows she’s forgetful. Well, as long as she only nearly forgets to give me my meds, or our breakfast, I suppose that’s all right. We haven’t actually missed anything yet. Just not had it at the right time. And we did have new hay this week, timothy as well as meadow hay. So I suppose we’re lucky, really.

I’ll keep and eye on her and tell you what happens next time.


Biggles xxx

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  1. dawndeb2b7f51f2

    It’s hard being a human, B. There’s too much to remember and not enough time to accomplish things that we do remember.

    Be patient with Mummy.


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