Things I Find Strange

Hello. I’m Ludo. This is my second post.

There are many many things I find strange. Some things are different from how I was brought up. Some things have never happened to me before. And many things I am now getting used to, now I’ve been here a year.

The most scary thing that happened was not having a roof over my head. This cage, or run, is wide open to the rest of the room. I used to live in a hutch, with a nice low roof over my head. My hutch was sold. I was in it when someone came to take it away. The person that sold my hutch said she’d get rid of me if the buyer didn’t want me. I don’t understand the rest of that conversation, but the buying lady took me to the rescue. That was extremely strange. I’d never seen so many animals before. I discovered they were called guinea pigs. Then I discovered I’m a guinea pig too. I was still getting used to that idea when I moved away and joined Mummy here.

This is not long after Locksley and I moved in

So I’ve got used to not having a roof over my cage. Although there is a roof on the room, so it’s not like I’m looking at the sky. I can see the sky through the window or door in our room. I’m not sure whether it’s window or a door. That’s strange. I mean, surely it is only one or the other, not both at once?

It’s also strange that the little baby guinea pig that I was supposed to look after turned into a hulking great big furry thing called Locksley. He paid no attention to me at all, and eventually he went to live with the others. But he upset them, so now he’s on his own, which is also strange. He was in the end cage the other side of Biggles, but now he’s next to me and Biggles is the other side. It’s strange how Mummy manages to move the cages around without any effort. Like it’s magic or something.

Being given slices of cucumber was also strange to start with. I didn’t know I could take the pieces from Mummy’s hand during cuddle time. I’d never done that before. I quite like it now. I look forward to it. I like cuddles, but then I always have.

But it’s still strange that the others go up to Mummy to get the evening treat or cucumber slice. But as Mummy holds it out for me to take, I do go and get it from her now.

The latest thing is she wants to scratch my head when she says ‘Good morning’. She does it to the others, so I suppose they don’t think it’s strange. But nobody’s done that to me before, so I think it’s strange.

But sort of nice too.

I hope you like today’s post. Thank you for your messages last week.


3 thoughts on “Things I Find Strange

  1. My, what I lot of changes in your life, Ludo. But I’m glad to hear that even though it took a year, you have settled in and are enjoying your new home. It must have been frightening to be dumped at the rescue place, but you’re a brave lad! Good to hear from you again!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    That’s a lot of things that are strange to you. I can understand why though, especially with so many things not having happened to you before that are happening now. I’m glad most of the things happening now you like though, even if they’re strange to you. You’ll get used to them. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  3. Carol Gilbert

    Dear Ludo you certainly are a wonderful piggy,just like your pigg family Locksly and Biggles! Sitt warms our heart that you feel so at home and are getting special. Attention by your mommy. All piggies deserve to be loved! Thanks for letting us know your all doing good,hugs from your American cousins Bella and Bear.

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