The last dregs of summer

Hello, Biggles here again.

The weather hasn’t been much good, cloudy and sometimes wet, so Mummy cleared away our runs early last week. She hunted all around the house for the bag the little run panels live in, because she’ll take them on our holiday.

And then on Wednesday I think it was, the day was lovely and sunny. The ground was wet, though, apparently it gets wet overnight with ‘dew’, which comes out of the sky but isn’t rain. I don’t understand. I expect Fred did.

Mummy decided we could go out mid-afternoon when the sun was out and the ground had dried up a bit. We had plenty of things to stand on and eat grass, in case we thought it was too cold for our toes. It wasn’t too bad, but we appreciated the dry bits.

We stayed out in the covered run for an hour, then Ludo went out for a bit, too. We still can’t go out at the same time. Ludo has mellowed a bit, but it would be too much to expect us to actually get on. I generally warn him off if he gets too close, anyway.

Talking of warning off, Locksley was in a real mood on Friday night. He was chattering and arguing with Neville, and then he came over and chattered at me (not to me), he was telling me he was in charge and I should do this that or the other. So of course I told him that I was in charge, and he should jolly well do what I say. Then he went off in a huff and let his feelings out on Neville, who really doesn’t appreciate being jumped on that much. And he grumbled loudly, and Ludo started joining in at the other end, grumbling and whining and chewing the bars for attention. And then Mummy asked us what we were on about, and would we please settle down and be a bit quieter!

Well, that didn’t have much effect on Locksley, so after a while longer, she took him out for a run on the floor for a bit, to see if that would help him get rid of all that energy he has. It’s hormones, I think. Teenage hormones getting the better of him. Anyway, eventually Mummy said good night to us, and he was still going on at Neville, and Ludo was still biting the bars. But after Mummy turned the light down it all started to quieten down a bit.

And in the morning you’d have thought nothing had ever happened.

Mummy went out yesterday for her orienteering thingie, and when she came back the sun was out, so we went outside again for an hour. She’s looked up the weather for the week and says it’s going to get colder. And where we’re going on Friday is much the same but a little colder still. So I don’t suppose we’ll be going outside when we get there. Mummy’s taking her wet and cold clothes with her. Not her exceedingly cold clothes, though. It won’t be that bad.

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to update you next week. So if you don’t hear from me, don’t worry, we’re just on holiday enjoying ourselves. See you in two weeks, instead.


Biggles xxxx

2 thoughts on “The last dregs of summer

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you were able to get a little more outside time before it got too cold. Hope Locksley’s hormones settle down without anyone getting hurt. Enjoy your holiday. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Good that you got more outside time before the weather turns really cold. You would be happy here – it’s been very warm all month, although it rained off and on for the past week. Have a a great vacation!

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