Back to the Vet this week

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

First off, a big THANK YOU for your generosity for George’s Anniversary Fundraiser. (If you missed it last week, it’s here). Mam says it would be incredibly nice if you shared it with your friends a few times, in case they’d like to take part too.

I went to see Dr Rebecca again last week, because Mam was concerned about my squawks and the fact I’m losing weight. I squawk when I’m trying to wee or poo, because it’s hard work, and it is sore, and sometimes it downright hurts. I try not to let on, but Mam’s seen through my nonchalant airs. Great word, that, isn’t it ‘nonchalant.’

Well, I decided that going up to the vet and coming back with no action was a waste of time, so I gave her a nice wee sample when she examined me last week. And she got it measured and said it was normal in most readings, but there was blood in it and it felt gritty. Sounds right to me. She’s good, is Dr Rebecca. So she gave me some powders to have with my Emeraid, which are funny tasting, but I take them down anyway. They are supposed to ease my insides and make the wee less sore. But she wants to xray me on Thursday to see whether I’ve got stones or anything else that shouldn’t be there.

I think Mam wants Neville to come with me to keep me company, and be there when I wake up. I’m all for that. I don’t think Nev minds, either, judging from the way he greeted me when I got back last week.

Nev and me (and the bald spot on my nose)

So apart from that, everything’s normal. It’s been raining most days, so no grass time, but maybe that’ll change next weekend. I really hope so. Although Mam brings us in a bowl of grass that she goes around and gets for us. Edges of the borders, she says. It’s very tasty and we like it.

Locksley’s settled down a lot, and Mam’s been giving him a run around in the afternoon to help him get some variety. We’ve worked out that he must be related to Biggles and me, because his coat must be a cross between Rex and Sheltie.

Ludo lets Mam take a photo of him at breakfast

Ludo did something amazing last week: he walked towards Mam!! Yes, he has been sitting out on his hay like the rest of us, and sometimes he hasn’t got up if she moved. And one day he walked forward to take his cucumber from her hand in the evening. Mam was so pleased, although she didn’t react at the time.

And Biggles takes his meds like a trooper. His hair’s grown back and he looks much better. Nev’s fine too. Mam didn’t realise he was fast asleep on the hay when she tried to give him his cucumber last night, and he shot across the cage when she disturbed him. Took him a while to work out where he was. Must have been a good dream.

Hope all is well with you, and I’ll tell you about the xray next week.


Roscoe xxxxx

PS The hair’s just about covered the bald spot on my nose where the tick bite was.

4 thoughts on “Back to the Vet this week

  1. Roscoe, I am a little worried about you but I think your doctor will figure out what you need to get well. And it will be good to have Neville with you for company. Ludo is indeed making some strides, just too bad he is a solitary guy. Hopefully, you will have sone grass soon. We have grass but the temperatures are so high here now that people in our community only go out early in the evening or right before dark.

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    We’ve been having some silly weather: very hot, then chilly, then hot again. Sigh.

    Everyone seems to be doing well, pee issues notwithstanding. Let us know what the x-ray says.

    Love you all!

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    Hope the vet appointment goes well, and you can soon be pain-free when you pee. Nice you can have Neville with you for when you wake up. Glad the others are doing really well, and Ludo is even starting to come to your Mummy sometimes. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  4. Mummy here. Roscoe has come back from the vet tired but happy. He has got a bladder stone, but not in anywhere dangerous. If we keep him well hydrated so his bladder is full enough most of the time for the stone to float (!), and give him more meds for his discomfort, he should be okay. He’s out on the grass at the moment and I haven’t heard him squeak once 🙂

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