Lovely Sun, Lovely Grass

Hello, Biggles here.

We’ve had lovely sunshine for the last two days, so we went out in the garden all day. It certainly felt like all day. I think we got a bit bored with it yesterday. Mummy noticed and took us indoors. Then she gave us our breakfast as we’d gone out straight after our morning run!

We’ve got three runs: Roscoe, Neville and I are in one, usually with the wire tunnel, which is fun. Locksley is in the big one with the strong cover, and Ludo is in the one in between us. He seems quite happy with the situation. Ludo and Locksley have hardly seen each other for months. Locksley goes back in his run before Ludo comes down into his pen after cuddle time (when we’re running on the floor). He has floor time after we go back. It’s all very complicated.

Roscoe got seen by Dr Rebecca last week, which Mummy told you about in the comments. He’s feeling slightly better because he’s on lots more painkillers, but I don’t think he’s squeaking quite as badly as he was.

I’m enjoying my meds. They make me feel really good. And my hair has grown back which is very nice, and helps my confidence. I mean, nobody feels good with their hair in a mess, do they?

Mummy says the weather is going to be good all week, and she’s got plenty of grass for us to eat. Looks like we’re going to be working hard this week, then.

See you next time



2 thoughts on “Lovely Sun, Lovely Grass

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you’re doing so much better on your meds, and Roscoe isn’t squeaking so much now… Hope you both feel even better soon. Enjoy all that yummy grass in the sunshine. Squeak soon, Mollie


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