Trial by Water

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

Sorry about last week, but Nev did a grand job at short notice. That could be why he lost weight last week, mind. Now he’s got Mam worried.

We had baths on Thursday (could be another reason he lost weight). Nev and I got done with the lovely Sandalwood and Lemongrass Easy-rinse, which is good for our long (ish in my case) hair. Biggles got done with Manuka and Neem which is good for skin with problems. Mam was worried about these bald patches he’d got on his hips – and he’s still losing weight, too.

Ludo and Locksley didn’t get baths. Mam says Locksley’s too young. Too much of a handful, I think. He bit her thumb last night because he didn’t want to do what she asked him. Naughty boy. Mam was very patient, and didn’t drop him. Mam has red blood, just like us, in case you wondered.

We realised why we’d had baths the next day. Biggles and I went to see Dr Rebecca. As soon as we stepped out of the door it started raining. We haven’t had rain for ages. Fortunately Mam put me in the car so I kept dry in my box, and went back to get Biggles. She didn’t seem too wet by the time she got herself into the car, but she’d picked up an extra coat and put it on the seat next to her.

When we got to the vet, it was lovely and sunny!

Rebecca took us inside and checked my nose. You remember I had a tick on it last weekend. It had come off but I had a swollen, red nose right through till Wednesday night. Mam made the appointment for us Wednesday afternoon. But she said I could go anyway. Biggles was going for a check up as he’s been on his heart meds for a month, or maybe six weeks.

Anyway, Rebecca diagnosed something wrong with Biggles that caused the bald patches, called his Thigh-royed. He’s now on some special meds for that, too, and Mam has to wear gloves to give it to him, and keep all his poo and bedding separate from ours so as not to put it on the compost heap. That’s because when the compost is cooked it goes to help grow our vegetables.

So now, as well as our bucket by our cages (when it’s been emptied), we have a little brown square box with a lid on it. It’s also got a notice on it saying ‘Food waste.’ I can’t quite work that out, but I’m sure it makes sense to someone. Mam says she’ll put Biggles’ dirty bedding in that and then into a spare plastic bag or two, and into the general waste bin. I think Mam’s just using things that suit her purpose, without worrying what they are labelled.

I’m not sure what Biggles thinks of this new medication. He’s been a bit quiet, and says he feels a bit fuzzy. Well, he’s a lot fuzzy, ‘cos he’s a Rex, but I didn’t say that. He wouldn’t think it was funny. But he’s eating and drinking, so Mam thinks he’s just getting used to it. And actually, this morning he’s looking much brighter than he has for a while.

So things are looking up. The bath thing wasn’t too horrendous, but we had it in a tiny white bath in the bathrorom. We only just fit into it, one at a time, so I don’t know how Mam has hers. The cuddle afterwards was good, thoguh.

Till next time,


Roscoe xxxxx

PS It’ll be a year since we lost Bertie this coming Saturday. We still miss him. Dr Rebecca said heart trouble can be hereditary and Mam thinks maybe that was what was wrong with him. Apparently it’s often difficult to diagnose. Sigh.

Bertie on May 3rd 2020

4 thoughts on “Trial by Water

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I agree: Neville did a great job filling in last week.

    Ouch about Locksley biting your Mummy. Glad she managed not to drop him when it happened.

    Sorry you’re all dealing with so many health issues right now. Biggles especially is having a bad time of it. Hope Biggles starts feeling better soon, and Neville’s weight loss isn’t anything to worry about.

    Humans have a habit of using random things to do things they weren’t originally meant for. I tend to just leave them to it and not try to make sense of it all.

    Squeak soon,

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  2. Nev did do a good job! You guys have certainly had you woes this spring but I’m glad to see that you’ve remaining upbeat. Naughty Locksley. He learned some bad habits from Ludo.
    Keep eating and I hope you get cucumber!

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    Tell Biggles I can relate. I have a Thigh-royed condition, too. It’s no big deal, really — very manageable. I’ll have to take one pill every day for the rest of my life. I’m glad Mummy’s got the situation in hand.

    I gave Lynley his first bath a few weeks ago. He doesn’t get nearly as whiny as Lord Piddlebottom here — aka Augustus — but I though he could use a bath. He was not impressed.

    Love you!

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    1. Auntie Dawn again

      Oops. Autocorrect changed “whiny” to “whiffy.” And I meant to say “thought,” not “though.”

      Sigh …

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