I have lots of meds to take

Hello, Biggles here again.

I didn’t know what to talk about today, so Mummy said “Why not tell everybody about your meds and how you’re feeling?’

So I will.

Biggles at the grass May 2021

You know I went to see Dr Rebecca and she said I had heart trouble. So I’ve been taking two types of medicine twice a day for that. One is called Imporendine or something like that [Pimobendan], and the other is Frusol. That’s much easier to remember. I only have a little bit of the first, which is just as well as it tastes nasty. Well, not very good. The Frusol is quite nice once you get used to it, kind of minty with a funny extra in it.

The week before last I went back for a check up and Dr Rebecca was fairly pleased with me, but said my bald patches might be due to Thigh-royed trouble, which Roscoe told you about last week. I have a little bit of Thyromon to take every day, but only once. It’s not too bad, tastes vaguely sweet like honey, but not strongly. But Mummy has to keep all my bedding separate so it doesn’t go in the compost, because what comes out the other end might affect the plants and other animals.

Well, the hair on my back is starting to grow again, although the patches at my sides seem much the same. The thing I really notice is how much easier it is to move about, the cage, the floor, the outside run. It all seems very much less effort than it was. Part of that is because I’ve lost weight. I lost it rather quickly, which is not good, but Mummy weighs me every day at the moment and says I’ve stabilised. I thought I lived in a run, not a stable, but Mummy uses funny words sometimes that I don’t understand.

Both Roscoe and Neville have lost weight recently as well. Part of it was due to looking after Locksley, but part of it is also getting older. But they don’t have lots of meds to take, only Metacam or the new version, which doesn’t taste as nice. Roscoe sometimes gets some Emeraid when he’s not doing well with his weight. Mummy says she’s given it to most of the old boys since she discovered it. It’s supposed to be for extremely sick piggies who can’t eat anything else,. but Mummy says she thinks it’s a good supplement for the older boys when they aren’t getting as much goodness from their food otherwise.

Neville and Roscoe have grass

So that’s us. Ludo and Locksley are fine. Ludo is very camera shy. They both run around separately when we go out on the grass (we went out yesterday afternoon for a short while) and Ludo stays out on the floor in the mornings after we’ve gone in. He needs a lot of exercise as he’s put on lots of weight.

It must be funny, being a Mummy, and having three pigs who are losing weight and one putting too much on. I don’t know how she remembers, sometimes.

We’ve got a special celebration next week, so don’t miss it!

Have a good week




2 thoughts on “I have lots of meds to take

  1. Auntie Dawn

    She’s an excellent Mummy. She makes sure to remember because she loves all of you and wants to make sure you have the very best care.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad your meds seem to be helping you, and most of them don’t taste too bad. I agree: humans talk funny sometimes. It sounds like she’s pleased about whatever she means when she talks about stables though, so I’d just focus on that if I was you, and let her worry about everything else. Squeak soon, Mollie

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