Mam’s been building again

Way-aye, Roscoe here. Yes, Mam’s been up to her tricks again, building extras on our cage runs.

It’s mostly because of Locksley, but a little because of Biggles.

Locksley was looking right sad and lonely in the run on his own, and spent most of his time cuddled up next to our run, where he could look for Neville to keep him company.

I have to say, Nev’s been a great chap, looking after Locksley and putting up with his ways. Most of the time Locksley’s okay, but sometimes he just gets a bit, well… He gets it into his head that you’re not paying him enough attention, and then he gets a bit of a pest.

But for some reason Biggles started doing the same to me, and to Nev, but not so much to Nev. He’s been pushing me around, and of course I don’t like that. And Mam’s not going to separate me and Nev for someone like Biggles, so Biggles had to go into a run on his own for a bit. And that meant…

Where was Locksley going to go?

We simply have not got room for four cages. And nobody’s going in with Ludo, because he hates other guinea pigs. We’ve finally worked him out. He hates guinea pigs and he loves people. He adores being cuddled. So Mam cuddles him, and keeps him in his own area otherwise. Maybe he’ll come round in time. I mean, Biggles and Bertie fell out when they were six months, and Bertie even attacked me in his first year, but eventually we all got on fine.

So, Mam decided we’d have to have a loft extension built, and as the tunnel ramp for it is quite long, to take away some of the steepness, it had to come down into our run. And Locksley’s probably the only one of us who’s up to going up and down it, too.

The loft sits between Biggles run and ours

So on Friday Mam spent hours building this new bit of the run, while we had extra time on the floor. We had to be careful of where she was standing, mind. Eventually we told her we needed to come in, so she let us back, but was still building the thing. One time, one of the sides collapsed into our run. I didn’t understand what she said, I don’t think I’ve heard her use those words before.

Eventually it was finished, and she put Locksley up there.

He hated it.

Here’s the loft from Ludo’s end

Eventually he worked out how to get down the ramp, and then he wouldn’t go back. He started upsetting me, and Mam stepped in to usher him back up the ramp, but no, he got stuck halfway. And eventually came back down.

And that’s how it’s been all weekend, really.

Locksley’s good for a while, then he has a go at me, and Mam sends him upstairs, and then he comes down and it starts again. Yesterday Mam got a piece of board and blocked the entrance to the tunnel with it so he couldn’t come straight down, but after a while he was pawing at it, and she relented. He’s been a bit better since then, mind. A very little bit.

Mam cleared out the shed thing. All this went back inside! And we were out on the grass just to the right.

We’re all well otherwise. I’ve lost a bit of weight, but Mam says it’s okay as long as I stay there. Biggles has lost weight more quickly than Mam likes, and she’s given him a bit more food today. It’s mainly because his heart medicine makes him feel much better, so he’s running around lots more. He’s lost all that enormous behind he used to have. Mam says she’s jealous, but she’d been running around a lot herself just lately, clearing out the shed thing outside, and going up ladders into the roof yesterday. And she says she’s going out to a bird reserve today. She hasn’t done that since we came down here for good, thirteen months ago!

So I reckon something’s going well. And if Locksley just calms down so we can all enjoy ourselves, we’ll be great!

See you next time


Roscoe xxxxx

4 thoughts on “Mam’s been building again

  1. hilarymb

    Hi Roscoe – looks like you’re all adjusting albeit slowly! I’m glad Mam’s around to play building houses with you … must be interesting to see her struggling to get everything sorted out. Good luck – enjoy more grass … and so pleased Mam’s been able to get out to a Reserve and do some bird watching … take care and carry on looking after everyone! Cheers Hilary

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  2. What a great report on all the doings in the hutches. Locksley is young, so I am assuming he will calm down soon and you can go back to a more peaceful life. I think the idea of a loft is brilliant, but Locksley is just not adjusted yet. I’m glad Ludo has been figured out – that makes him happier. Enjoy the new grass coming in.

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  3. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry about all the squabbling and moving around needing to happen, but it does sound like your Mummy’s got a good idea to help with that. I’m glad Ludo’s been figured out, so he’s happy now. Hopefully Locksley will calm down soon – and adjust to the idea of the loft – so you can all go back to being happy chaps. Glad Biggles is feeling so much better, but hope he doesn’t lose too much weight. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  4. alma fritchley

    Hi there thank you so much for the entertaining update. I hope you all stay well with not too many niggles and Mam doesn’t wear herself out!!
    Lovely to hear of all your antics
    Love alma


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