Happy Easter – did you get something nice?

Way-aye, Roscoe here. I hope you had a nice Easter, and got something nice.

We got yummy Easter boxes. The only trouble was, Biggles, Neville and I had to share one, and Locksley and Ludo got one each!

There was a reason for that. It’s been a difficult week for Mam, because you remember that Locksley cut Biggles’ lip? Well, he did it again! This time it was a nasty wound just below his nostril. It didn’t look much, but it was quite deep. And Mam noticed that he seems to have go a cut on his eye, and she’s not sure when he got that. So at first Biggles went in the little pen at the end, because he was feeling quite poorly, and Mam wasn’t sure whether he’d bumped into the side of the run as well, because he seemed, well, not quite with it. He kept twitching his head. Maybe it hurt.

In the morning when she came in to see us, she said “good, you’re still with us,” so I reckon she thought Biggles might have been in grave danger. But he’s okay now. Mam’s looked after him really well.

But Saturday Mam rearranged the pens again, and now Locksley’s in a 3 panel where we used to be, and we’re in a 4 panel where he and Ludo used to be. And that’s how we came to only have one Easter box between us, because I reckon Mam thought she’d be giving two between the four of us and one to Ludo.

It was funny when we got our box. Me, Biggles and Neville went straight for it! Then after a bit we sorted ourselves out. Neville likes the box itself, Biggles is very fond of the orange flowers in it, and I like the hay and herbs, so there’s something for everyone.

Locksley looked at his, and decided to nibble at it daintily. Ludo looked at his and ran away! Mam pushed it further back in his cage so he could get used to it while not having to go around it the whole time, and he’s been eating the hay and herbs in it since. I think he’s enjoying it, but he’s on the other side of Locksley so I can’t really see.

Mam says she’s planning to extend the far end of the runs out like the one nearest the window, then we’ll have two 3x2s and a nice big five in the middle for us three. That’ll be nice. We’re happy in the four, but a five would be nicer. She’s going to have to rearrange all the shelves though. She said she hoped she’d do it when we were on the grass, but the weather’s going to be very cold this week and we won’t be going out.

In fact – I haven’t told you that we went out with some of the new run on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was really nice and warm. It’s looked nice since, but Mam said the wind was too cold for her to sit out, and if it was too cold for her, it was too cold for us. Right then. She’s been out for walks though, which is good.

So there you are, a busy week again. Biggles is okay, and I’m just perfect.

See you next time,


Roscoe xxx

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter – did you get something nice?

  1. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable Easter, Roscoe. Poor Biggles! Ludo is a naughty boy, clearly raised to be a solitary man. We enjoyed ours too – lamb, asparagus and chocolate brownies. What more could you want?


  2. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry Biggles got hurt, but glad he’s OK now.

    I got a whole little carrot all to myself, but Mummy’s not been doing too great, so she didn’t feel up to making a fuss. She’s meant to be resting, which is why I’m late in here: she doesn’t put the computer on much right now.

    Squeak soon,


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