We’re going to hospital today

Hello, Biggles here.

Don’t worry too much. You remember Roscoe said Mummy was taking us to another vet, a specialist, last week. Well, we did that. It was quite a long journey, longer than to our old vet, Dr Sally and her friends. But it was a nice smooth ride, and we quite enjoyed it.

I went to have my nose looked at, because I had a nosebleed the week before. The vet couldn’t tell whether it was a seed stuck in there, which Mummy thought, or whether my teeth were growing from the roots up into my head and putting pressure on my nose. I just know I get a blocked nose and stuff runs out of it, especially when I’m asleep. Mummy says it’s snot, but it is. And the vet wants to xray it to see what’s happening.

Roscoe went because Mummy was worried about his lump because she couldn’t get any abscess stuff out, and it was hurting him. And the vet said the abscess had a hard case around it and he needed to have it cut off. Just his lump, nothing else. His leg’s quite safe. But he has to have woozy stuff so he doesn’t move or notice when they do it.

Mummy’s been giving us grass from the garden every day. She gives us a pile each but we check them all out.

So both of us are going to the new vets today to have a nice snooze while they make us better, or work out what’s wrong, anyway.

The bad thing is, I’ve had to have the horrid medicine that Roscoe was having already. And Mummy gives us something else afterwards that’s sort of quite nice if you like that sort of thing. I could get a taste for it. Mummy calls it Hugo’s brew, because Hugo loved it. But then after we’ve had our meds Mummy gives us a bit of cucumber to take the taste away. Don’t tell the others.

They couldn’t fit us in until today, so I’m writing this on Sunday evening. By the time you read it we’ll be at the vets, because we have to be there at 8.30, which is not long after Mummy starts cuddling us, usually.

Maybe I’ll give you and update when we get home, or tomorrow, or something. If not here then on our Facebook page.

Bye for now!



4 thoughts on “We’re going to hospital today

  1. Biggles

    Hello everyone. We’re back safe and sound. It was very nice in the hospital, lots of nice vets and nurses to look after us, and very quiet – no dogs barking, which was good. Mummy said Dr Bettany phoned her to tell her all about what she’d found out. She talked to her for a very long time.
    I expect she’ll tell me more later, and perhaps Roscoe will reveal all next week, but basically I’m having some medicine for my heart, which she says I’ll probably like, because it tastes of peppermint, and Humphrey had it.
    Roscoe has had his lump done, and the scar looks very neat. He’s a bit fed up, and he’s sulking on the hay hiding his nose in the corner at the moment. He’s got to have more metacam as most of his problems are to do with arthuritis.
    And Neville came too to keep us company, which he did very well. Now I’m going to have a snooze. Night night.


  2. Biggles, by the time you read this it will all be over and you will be just fine. I would like to know if you have a seed stuck up your nose! That’s a great story! Be well and recover quickly!

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