Mam keeps pinching my bottom!

Waye-aye, Roscoe here.

I’m not very happy at the moment. Mam says I’m not a happy chappie, and she’s right. At least she can tell, and she gives me extra cuddles. And if I look longingly at her, she’ll come over to the run and give me a stroke. She says it won’t be for long, but it sounds like it’s for weeks, not days.

Although things have improved since Friday.

I went to see Dr Mark on Wednesday about the lump on my bottom, at the top of my leg. Just where you can sit on it.

He stuck a pin in it (which surprised me a lot!) and said it was an abscess. He pinched my bottom too, and it smelled bad, and he got some funny smelling stuff from it. But Mam took me home, and the next day she went back to get my medicine, which hadn’t been there on Wednesday. It doesn’t taste very nice. Mam says it used to taste of banana and everyone loved it, but then the rules changed and they had to make a special pet version. She doesnt know why they took the banana out. She says she might write and ask for it to be put back in.

But I have to have my bottom pinched and my medicine down me twice a day. And in the mornings I get to take some funny stuff called probiotic as well as my metacam. It is not very nice, I can tell you.

Mam’s worried though. She asked the vet nurse some more things and they said Dr Mark would call her back. Well, he hasn’t. And I know one things she wants to know is why the stuff she gets out of my lump (and it’s not much) is like toothpaste and doesn’t smell at all. She doesn’t think it’s abscess stuff. In which case, why do I need the antibiotic? But now I’m having it I have to continue. She also wanted to talk to him about Biggles again, because Biggles had a nosebleed. She’s also looked up the expert vet in Andover which is 25 miles away. I think she might take us there, now her eye is better, and she can see to drive in any weather.

I’ll let you know what’s happening. At least I’m back in with the others, since when she thought I had an abscess she put me on my own so the others couldn’t lick it and get ill themselves. I didn’t like being on my own again, but it’s much better now. Meanwhile, she’s putting honey cream in my lump and hoping it makes it better. I hope it does, too.

Hope nobody’s pinching your bottom.


Roscoe xxxxx

3 thoughts on “Mam keeps pinching my bottom!

  1. Roscoe, you are on the way to healing up. When you have an abscess, what comes out is smelly because it’s an infection. Hence the nasty medicine to get rid of the germs causing the smell. I suspect it was on top of a cyst, which will have white, non-smelly stuff in it (and is not an infectious process) but needs to be drained, too. So both were taken care of.
    As for Biggles nosebleed? If he is otherwise fine, it might be because of a dry nose. But I’m glad your Mam will have it checked out.,

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