Wet Behind the Ears, and Night Noises

Way-aye, Roscoe here. It’s been a busy-ish week, so I’ve got a couple of things to tell you about today.

First off: Mam made our ears all wet on Tuesday, when she changed the bedding. Well, she did the tube squirty thing behind our ears before she put us back in our clean runs with fresh fleeces, and that funny smell that means she’s sprayed them too. We also had no hay till she got a new bag from the shop, and no cagewear, because that was in the wash.

It was funny for an hour or two, but she gave us a hay cake to keep us from starving after we had our breakfast, and she came home with hay from the pet shop that tasted quite good. Then our haybox came on Wednesday and that was okay, too. So far, anyway.

And we stopped feeling itchy. That’s what the stuff behind our ears does. It’s easy enough to put up with wet ears when you know you’re gong to stop feeling itchy soon. Funny; only Ludo and I looked as if we’d had stuff on our ears. Nev’s hair is really long at the moment, so it hid his wet patch, and when Mam does Biggles’ ears it always sinks straight into his thick coat. I think the same happens with Locksley, although he’s got a mixed up coat, as you saw last week.

Anyway, we all had a wonderful week with no itching – until yesterday when it started feeling itchy again. Mam said we can have another dose of wet ears tomorrow.

As for night noises…. well, I don’t know why, but Locksley and Ludo make the most noise at night. Partly it’s being up and about and chewing at their box (Mam got them a new one from the pet shop as our other boxes got thrown out with the hay). Partly it’s squabbling.

Mam had a conversation with me and Nev at the weekend about moving to their run and giving them more space. She had an idea that we could even have a little open-plan part with Biggles, so we could visit.

Nev and I like our run, although Mam’s right, we haven’t been sitting right down the far end much recently. I don’t know why. I think it’s because the pile of hay is so comfortable. Or maybe it’s a little cooler by the wall. Anyway, Mam decided not to do anything this weekend when she changed our beds, although she might do it later.

And then, yesterday afternoon, Ludo and Locksley were having a right barney – chattering and squeaking like anything, and chasing each other (or maybe Ludo chases Locksley). Mam took Ludo out and told him to calm down. She was watching her screen with the boys sliding down on their boards and sailing through the air on them while she chatted to him. He calmed down and they settled for the rest of the day.

But Mam makes night noises too. She gets up and goes to the front of the house, and then goes back to bed. Sometimes she goes into the kitchen and makes a drink and goes back to bed. I think she’s okay, but I’ll keep an eye on her.

So that’s it for this week. I hope you don’t have too many night noises or wet ears. See you next time.


Roscoe xxxxx

2 thoughts on “Wet Behind the Ears, and Night Noises

  1. Oh, Roscoe, nice to hear from you. Ludo does seem like a right problem – I think he’s going to take some time and Mam training to calm down. Maybe because Locksley is younger, he’s been easier to fit in. I think having wet ears for a while is not too hard if you don’t get the itches again.
    Enjoy your hay and remember spring is coming and then you can go outside again.

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  2. Hope you guys can get the squabbling between Ludo and Locksley sorted out. Mummy makes night noises sometimes too, especially the ones where she goes to get a drink, or goes in the room with the bathtub in it for some reason. I don’t mind though, because I’m awake at night myself. Personally I wish they’d learn to be nocturnal likeI am, though I’ve gotten used to hearing them making a lot of noise while I’m trying to sleep in the day. At least Artemis is quiet… That tortoise is my favourite neighbour, since she doesn’t disturb me. Not like those dogs, who insist on barking and racing around half the day, and don’t seem to care that I’m trying to sleep. Like I said, I’m used to it… Doesn’t mean I like it though. Oh, and none of us are itching – except the Lilie dog, but she has allergies, so the wet stuff doesn’t help – so we’re only on once a month wet ears… Mummy does it monthly whether there’s itching or not. Squeak soon, Mollie

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