Well, that’s over

Hi, Biggles here. That’s Christmas over, then.

We had a nice time, lots of food. For Christmas Day we had carrots – funny yellow ones but they tasted good. We also had kale and chard from the garden, salad from the fridge thing, celery, and herbs – sage and rosemary I think they’re called. And in the afternoon we had Christmas cake. It’s like birthday cake, but we just got a portion each in our bowls.

Uncle James didn’t come, so our hay stayed in the spare room. The new box came on Tuesday, and we started it straight away. It’s not as nice as usual. The hay’s okay but not as nice as usual. It has lots of leaves in it, but nothing poisonous. Mummy’s a bit disappointed. She gave us some of our home-grown hay with it last night. It was yummy. We also got a funny green stick with nobbles on it. The nobbles tasted like cabbage, and the stick tasted like broccoli stalk a bit. I quite liked it, but it was better when Mummy cut it in half down the middle. We could eat the softer inside bit then.

Oh, Christmas presents! I got a nice new big snugglesac. You can see a picture of me with it. I sat in it Christmas night and it was lovely. Yesterday Mummy took it away and washed it. It smells better now. Ludo and Locksley got a nice grey snugglesac, with white stars on it. I think it’ll be the perfect camouflage sac for Locksley. They are very suspicious of it. They are suspicious of everything, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

Roscoe and Neville got new tents for the summer. I think they were a little disappointed they didn’t get something new for their run. Roscoe admitted he didn’t want Mummy to take any of their things away, so maybe it was all right.

And we all got some chew sticks from the nice lady next door, Auntie Linda. It was very kind of her to think of us, and we’re very grateful.

Apparently Ludo wasn’t very well during his cuddle time yesterday. Mummy stayed home to keep an eye on him. She was going for a walk at the same place as her other brother, but didn’t. Ludo was a bit funny getting back into his cage afterwards. He sort of fell out of the tent instead of stepping out. Mummy picked him up again and took him off for a check-up. That’s when she decided to stay home and keep an eye on him. But she went out to get us some cucumber later. I haven’t seen anything wrong with Ludo. I’ve been keeping an eye on him too. Maybe it was Just One Of Those Things.

That’s it for now. I’m going away, and I won’t be back till next year! Have a nice week.


Biggles xx

5 thoughts on “Well, that’s over

  1. Lovely to hear from you, Biggles. What a feast you all had for Christmas. I think the yellow carrot was a parsnip? My friends used to call me Parsnip when I was in high school (my last name was Parsons). I do hope Ludo is doing OK and there’s nothing wrong. He and Locksley were very lucky to find a home with you – because now he has someone to look after him..Happy New Year!


    1. No it really was carrot, Auntie Parsnip (Ooops!). Mummy knows we don’t like parsnip. We have things called rainbow carrots sometimes. Mummy’s getting mainly yellow ones in her veggie box.
      Happy new year in your new home, Auntie Noelle xxx


  2. That sounds like quite a feast. Was the yellow carrot one of those rainbow carrots? Or something that justlooked like a carrot? Because I had some rainbow carrots the other day. Tasted just like regular orange carrots, only they were different colours.

    Hope Ludo is doing OK, and it was just one of those things.

    Squeak soon,


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