Well, that’s over

Hi, Biggles here. That's Christmas over, then. We had a nice time, lots of food. For Christmas Day we had carrots - funny yellow ones but they tasted good. We also had kale and chard from the garden, salad from the fridge thing, celery, and herbs - sage and rosemary I think they're called. And …

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Roscoe's Christmas gift 2018

Mummy has a bright red snugglesac

Way-aye, Roscoe here! Hello, Bertie here!  We're both going to blog today because it's an exciting story. Aye, and it's Christmas this week too. Two more sleeps. Well, two for mummy, about fifteen for us. Aye, I reckon you've got that right, Bertie. But first - a report on our missing week.  We were in …

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